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Tomek Kolczyński alias Kold (* 1973 in Gdańsk , Poland) is a Swiss musician, audio designer and producer.


From 1997 to 2002 he studied audio design with Wolfgang Heiniger and from 2010 to 2012 free improvisation with Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith at the Basel Music Academy. During his studies he produced Christian Zehnder's Popple Music album (Sound Service Wigra, 2001). The CD Igloo (Make Up Your World, 2005 ) followed with Stimmhorn (band) after a joint production at Theater Basel. In 2006 he began to compose for various German-speaking theaters, such as the Basel Theater, the Münchner Kammerspiele, the Burgtheater Vienna, the Zurich Theater and the Hanover Theater. Since 2006 he has been producing the music for Edgar Hagen's documentaries on a regular basis. In 2015, a soundtrack was also created for the computer game Feist by Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz (Bits & Beasts). Since 2013 he has been part of the BachSpace trio with Tamar Halperin (piano) and Etienne Abelin (violin). Her debut CD was released in September 2017 on the Berlin label Neue Meister.

He lives in Basel and has been teaching music and computers at the Basel Music School since 2003.


  • 2008 grant from the Canton of Thurgau
  • 2008/2009 member of the Swiss Institute in Rome
  • 2018 Basler Medienkunstpreis (The several ways I've died in my imagination)

Catalog of works (selection)

Theater incidental music live
Theater incidental music composition
  • 2006 Someone beside you , documentary by Edgar Hagen
  • 2010 Charly's Comeback , TV film by Sören Senn
  • 2013 Journey to the safest place in the world , documentary by Edgar Hagen
  • 2015 Playfeist , computer game by Florian Faller & Adrian Stutz
  • 2019 Who we are , documentary by Edgar Hagen
Various productions
  • 2000 Popple Music , CD, Zehnder with kold (Sound Service Wigra, 2001)
  • 2003 Talk with my Turntables , with Christian Zehnder
  • 2004 Igloo , CD, Stimmhorn & kold electronics (Make Up Your World, 2005)
  • 2005 Mozart Echos , Recomposed for Radio DRS2
  • 2006 Vastzapinside , CD trilogy, (kold electronics, 2006)
  • 2010 City Pavilion Basel-Geneva-Zurich , sound installation, Expo Shanghai, with Christian Zehnder
  • 2010 Mein Vogel , solo performance, world premiere Gare du Nord Basel
  • 2011 Lovie Lied , CD, with Gilbert Trefzger & Sandra Hüller , (kold electronics, 2011)
  • 2011 Requiem Reloaded , Installative Performance, with the vocal ensemble hark !, Basel / Geneva / Zurich / Bern / Lucerne
  • 2013 Bach & Recomposed , with Tamar Halperin & Etienne Abelin , world premiere Gare du Nord
  • 2016 Ueberleben , Installative Performance, with the vocal ensemble molto cantabile, Sonnenberg Luzern
  • 2017 BachSpace , CD, (New Masters Berlin, 2017)
  • 2018 The several ways I've died in my Immagination, performance with Legion Seven (Sarah Reid) , world premiere Fantoche Baden

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