Top thrill dragster

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Top thrill dragster
A train on the launch track

A train on the launch track

Location Cedar Point
( Sandusky , Ohio , USA )
Type Steel - seated
model Accelerator Strata Coaster
Drive type hydraulic launch
0–193 km / h in 4 s
Manufacturer Intamin
Designer Ingenieurbüro Stengel GmbH
costs $ 25 million
opening May 4, 2003
length 853 m
height 128 m
Departure 122 m
Max. gradient 90 °
Max. speed 193 km / h
Travel time 0:30 min
capacity 1500 people per hour
Trains 6 trains, 5 cars / train, 2 rows of seats / car, 2 seats / row of seats
Restraint system Pelvic brackets (Intamin T-Bars)
elements vertical 90 ° spiral,
128 m high outside top hat ,
vertical 270 ° spiral
Inversions 0
Subject area Top Thrill Dragster Midway

The Top Thrill Dragster (TTD for short) is a steel roller coaster in the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio .

The roller coaster was designed by the German engineering firm Werner Stengel and built by the Swiss company Intamin .

It has a height of 128 m (the difference in altitude is 122 m) and a maximum speed of 193 km / h. It was the fastest and highest roller coaster in the world in 2003 and 2004. Top Thrill Dragster has a rail with four belts (four steel elements form the rail). The launch is carried out in the form of a launch. The train, which is designed like a racing car - the rear spoilers were removed after an accident - accelerates on the alternating red and white launch ramp until it finally ascends vertically with an additional 90 ° sideways turn. Here the highest point has been reached and the rail curves downwards in an arc and initiates the vertical fall. The fall still includes a 270 ° turn before the train is braked again by eddy current brakes and the roller coaster train enters the station.

With Top Thrill Dragster, a new generation of roller coasters was heralded: the so-called Strata-Coaster (also known as Teracoaster), a roller coaster that is over 400  feet high (121.92 m).

In 2005, Top Thrill Dragster was replaced by Kingda Ka (139 m high and 206 km / h) in the Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park as the highest and fastest roller coaster in the world.

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Coordinates: 41 ° 29 ′ 18 "  N , 82 ° 41 ′ 34"  W.