Gate Espen Kristiansen

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Gate Espen Kristiansen biathlon
Association NorwayNorway Norway
birthday July 7, 1970
Debut in the World Cup 1995
status resigned
Medal table
EM medals 1 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
NM medals 5 × gold 3 × silver 2 × bronze
IBU European biathlon championships
gold 1994 Kontiolahti singles
Norwegian Ski Association Norwegian championships
gold 1991 Steinkjer team
bronze 1992 Skrautvål sprint
bronze 1994 Orkdal / Trondheim team
gold 1995 Fet Season
gold 1995 Fet team
gold 1996 Brumunddal Season
silver 1996 Brumunddal team
silver 1997 Snåsa / Savalen team
silver 1998 Dokka / Dombås Season
gold 1999 Tana Season
World Cup balance

Tor Espen Kristiansen (born July 7, 1970 ) is a former Norwegian biathlete .

Tor Espen Kristiansen won the gold medal in the singles at the Biathlon European Championships 1994 in Kontiolahti ahead of Bertrand Muffat-Joly and Ville Raikkonen . This made him the first ever European biathlon champion. At the Biathlon World Cup 1994/1995 he came to Lillehammer for two missions, in which he won the World Cup points as 15th of the individual, but missed more than 32nd of the sprint.

Nationally he won ten medals at Norwegian championships between 1991 and 1999, including five titles, four times with the relay and once with the Troms region team . In 1995 he celebrated the double championship with team and relay in Fet . His teammates here included Stig-Are Eriksen , Terje Aune and Bjørn Tore Berntsen . The greatest success in an individual race was a third place in a sprint race at the Norwegian Biathlon Championships in 1992 in Skrautvål behind Jon Åge Tyldum and Gisle Fenne .

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