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Tracey Adams (* 7. June 1959 in Severna Park , Maryland , USA as Debra Blaisdell ) is an American actress and former porn actress who also under the name Tracey Adams , Deborah Blaisdell or Debbie Blaisdell is known. In the 1980s and 90s, she starred in over three hundred porn films . She has also worked as a director and has made a few appearances in feature films .


Adams originally worked as a radio host , then began acting in 1983. After a few topless roles in B-movies like The Lost Empire (1984), she starred in her first porn film Make My Night in 1985 , in which she was also featured on the cover. In addition to her work as a porn actress, she occasionally took on some roles outside of the porn industry under the name Deborah Blaisdell , such as in the comedy Wimps . (1986), She was also a guest star on several Italian television series .

After a two-year hiatus from the porn industry, a comeback with Starbangers 4 followed in 1994 . Although she has not made pornographic films regularly since 1992, she occasionally took on roles until 1999, when she finally ended her career in the porn business.

With her first sex scene with Peter North in the movie Pretty Peaches 2 (1987), she won the award for the best sex scene of the year.

Tracey Adams lives with her significant other in West Los Angeles after a longstanding relationship with porn actress Amber Lynn that ended in 1999.

Court case 1987

Tracey Adams testified in the San Fernando Municipal Court in April 1987 as a witness in a trial against two men charged with pimping for pornographic production . At the time, law enforcement officials used anti-pimping laws to put pressure on the porn industry. They argued that the actresses were engaged in prostitution and that it was irrelevant for the offense of pimping that their actions were filmed. Most of the actors, however, said that they did not see themselves as prostitutes but as actors and that sexual intercourse was only part of the cinematic plot. Tracey Adams testified that she was paid for her work as an actress but not for having sex: "I was paid to perform, but not paid to have sex."

The performers were hired by Cinderella Distributors , run by Charles Brickman and Thomas Ingalls, both of whom were charged with pimping. The charges against Brickman were later dropped, who had agreed to testify against Ingalls, as otherwise he could face a prison sentence of between three and thirteen years.

Tracey Adams and five other actors, including Stacey Donovan , Taija Rae, and Steve Drake , testified that they were paid to go to a house in Sand Canyon and engage in sexual acts there on June 18, 1986. The footage was intended for use in a film that should have been released under the name Love Potion or Squeeze Play and was confiscated during a house search at the end of the day of shooting. Adams and the rest of the cast also testified that Ingalls acted as cameraman during the filming and that they were subsequently paid in cash. According to her testimony, daily wages ranged from $ 300 for Steve Drake to $ 1000 for Stacey Donovan. Donovan referred to herself as a law enforcement agent and testified that she had never wanted to be an actress, had worked in porn movies for the money, and did not want to continue acting as a porn actress.

Opinions and press reviews

Tracey Adams said she kept her calm by advancing her interests. Your settings can be recognized by different quotations:

“I only do one sex scene a day. I don't want to be sore or exhausted. I insist that my partners are healthy and clean. If you say that clearly, then the producers will accept the terms. You are not numb, just busy. "

“I take my job seriously and prefer sex scenes that result from two people feeling attracted to each other. I don't like portraying cold, callous sex. Preferably with just one person, preferably a man. "

“I was not known for my sexual daring. I stayed on the narrow path of the flower sex. I became known for my acting skills. "

Indeed, her acting skills have been praised:

“Tracey can take on roles that few porn actresses dare to take on: she convinces as an educated and cultured woman; she can play a successful writer as in "Lust on the Orient Express"; a wealthy lady of society as in "Sins of the Wealthy 2"; an Indian princess as in "Soft, Warm Rain"; Mother of college-aged boy as in "2002: A Sex Odyssey"; a slick whore like in "Jacqueline"; a goddess of love herself. "

(Adult Film World 1/87)

In February 1991, the Los Angeles Times detailed Tracey Adams in an article on the porn industry. In the interview, she stated that the daily salaries of the actors had fallen continuously over four years - from around $ 1,000 to around $ 100 per day.

"I have no problem portraying sex on camera," she says. "I don't think I'm doing anything wrong." At work she is neither passionate nor hesitant. [...] "It's a job that I do. I think 'I forgot to put my fingernails' or 'It's time to buy new underwear' . I think of the character I play. I think logistically. " Adams still doesn't consider himself a celebrity. "They call us porn queens," says Adams contemptuously, "I hate that term. Pornography is what I do, not what I am". [...] Although she is a free thinker, Adams is anything but the unconventional sex athlete that her fans like to introduce themselves to. Worried about crime and overpopulation, she drinks two vodkas a night to help her fall asleep better. She financially supports two poverty-stricken children abroad. Her rented bungalow in West Los Angeles might as well be the home of a fearful, PBS-seeing middle manager, with the exception of the catalog of her sex films, which she hides behind a wooden board on the top shelf of the back room. "

(Los Angeles Times)



  • Make My Night (1985)
  • Lover's Lane (1986)
  • Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)
  • Night Games (1987)
  • Sex Sluts in the Slammer (1988)
  • Fatal Seduction (1988)
  • Girls of Double D 7 (1989)
  • Girls of Double D 9 (1989)
  • Big Thrill (1989)
  • Busted (1989)
  • Hawaii Vice 6 (1989)
  • Legal Tender (1990)
  • Naughty Nineties (1990)
  • Eternity (1990)
  • Starbangers 4 (1993)
  • Swedish Erotica 73 (new) (2006)

Feature films:

  • The Lost Empire (1984)
  • Wimps (1986)
  • Student Affairs (1987)
  • Enrapture (1989)

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