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General information
origin Berlin , Germany
Genre (s) Hardcore punk , post-hardcore , emo
founding 1995
resolution 2000
Last occupation
Maik Homeier
Michael Dolz
Philipp Joachim
Tobias Borne
Martin Rohlfing

Treadmill was a hardcore / punk / emo band from Berlin from 1995 to 2000 , named after the English expression "to be in a treadmill". In the tradition of US bands like Quicksand , Shift , Jawbox and Braid, they combined melodic to weird vocals with emotional yet rhythmic guitar work - paired with elaborate and therefore sometimes not entirely catchy arrangements. The lyrics are mostly in a positive mood, but next to some clear political statements mostly thoughtful and very profound.


Michael Dolz and Tobias Borne first founded the band Dolz, which was very successful with its mossy New School Hardcore and later the HC band Updraft together with Maik Homeier, Philipp Joachim and Julius Selbach. Philipp, Tobias and Julius played together with Michael Kurth (now known as Curse ) in Phat Kicks, a hip-hop band with live instruments. Martin Rohlfing previously played as a singer and guitarist in various punk bands (including Toxic Walls , known among others from their label colleagues from WIZO (now on Fat Wreck Chords )). In 1995 Treadmill was founded in Minden , then almost completely moved together into a shared apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg and remained in the same line-up until their separation in 2000. Treadmill experienced its highlights in 1997 at the HC Festival in the Kesselhalle of the Berlin Kulturbrauerei and on the “Stand Up For?” Tour in 1999.

Like many bands from the hardcore and punk environment, Treadmill reached most people with their music with the support of well-known bands, usually from the USA, Canada, England or Scandinavia, who had toured Europe. In the case of Treadmill these were e.g. B. Hot Water Music , Snuff, Kill Holiday, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones , Jimmy Eat World , Starmarket , Grade, Painted Thin, Burning Airlines and Braid.

The most famous song by Treadmill is likely to be NME from the self-titled debut EP. After their split LP with the Essen band Relief , Treadmill broke up not because of musical or personal differences, but rather because of regional differences. Michael Dolz now lives and works in Kiel and Martin Rohlfing in Hamburg. Maik Homeier and Tobias Borne briefly had a new band, Martin Rohlfing produced other bands during and after his time at Treadmill and played for two years with Jens and Christoph Güttel (both ex- Solarez ) for the Berliners Miami Golem .


Treadmill was one of the very first bands in Germany to be put into the emo band that was emerging in the late 1990s . When it was founded, however, the band was still strongly oriented towards NYC indie rock with a hardcore background. As their role models one could e.g. B. Quicksand or Shift, but also more poppy influences from then relatively unknown bands such. B. Joshua or Jimmy Eat World processed Treadmill into music that did not always meet with approval. In 1995 there was hardly a niche for their music in Germany, and so the first shows were held in front of thoroughbred hardcore or straight edge - (an American youth movement that rejects drug use, but likes hard and fast music) audience, whichever one or the other has led to another misunderstanding.

Discography (excerpt)

  • 1996: Autoclave (demo tape, self-distribution)
  • 1997: Treadmill (EP, TFR / EFA Berlin)
  • 1998: Split with Teenage Love Affair (7 "single, TFR / EFA Berlin)
  • 1999: Stand Up For? (LP / CD, TFR / EFA Berlin)
  • 2000: Split with relief (LP / CD, Hometown Caravan / EFA Berlin)
  • 1998: VA - Berlin Hardcore - Onlooker (CD, Mad Mob Records / SPV)
  • 1999: VA - Inside View - Final Chord (CD, Inside View Fanzine)


  • Treadmill: The Final Chord - Video Tapes 1995-1999, video documentation about the band, available at cost from the Treadmill website (see below)

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