Turbo Kid

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German title Turbo Kid
Original title Turbo Kid
Affiche 148 Turbo Kid Fr.jpg
Country of production Canada
New Zealand
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director François Simard
Anouk Whissell
Yoann-Karl Whissell
script François Simard
Anouk Whissell
Yoann-Karl Whissell
production Benoit Beaulieu
Anne-Marie Gélinas
music Jean-Philippe Bernier
Jean-Nicolas Leupi
camera Jean-Philippe Bernier
cut Luke Haigh

Turbo Kid is a Canadian - New Zealand splatter - comedy - action film from the year 2015 . It was directed by François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell, who also wrote the script.


The film is set in 1997 on a dystopian earth that was almost depopulated and destroyed by nuclear conflicts and the resulting environmental disasters. There is no longer any fuel, so the survivors have to rely on bicycles, and drinking water is also extremely scarce. The wasteland, as the survivors call the earth, is controlled by the sadistic warlord Zeus and his brutal henchmen.

A young orphan , known by everyone as “The Kid”, lives alone in a bunker. Every day he roams the area on his BMX bike to find things that he can sell to the dealer Bagu. He also collects everything that has to do with his favorite comic book hero Turbo Rider. One day, Kid meets the girl Apple, but is frightened by her brash manner and flees into his bunker. Apple follows him and, reluctantly at first, allows her kid to come with him. Shortly afterwards, however, Apple is kidnapped by Zeus' henchmen. Kid falls into a kind of spaceship. Its already skeletonized pilot wears armor that resembles the Turbo Riders and has a beam weapon on one of the gloves. Kid puts on armor and tries to free Apple from Zeus' headquarters, but is also captured. Together with the cowboy Frederic, another prisoner of Zeus, the Kid and Apple manage to escape.

To Kids' surprise, Apple, to which he is more and more drawn, turns out to be a humanoid robot . Since she was damaged while on the run, the Kid and Apple go to a robot cemetery to get spare parts. There they are attacked again by the henchmen of Zeus. Apple's head is severed, and while trying to build it on another robot body, Kid gets caught in a cloud of poisonous gas and loses consciousness. Frederic saves him, but thinks Apple is destroyed and leaves her behind.

Kid, who in the meantime has been able to remember that Zeus killed his parents many years ago, wants to turn him off together with Frederic once and for all. It comes to a showdown in the desert, whereby several of Zeus' fighters can be killed initially. When the Kid gets into trouble, Apple, who was able to regenerate, appears and helps him. During the fight, Zeus also turns out to be a robot. To turn him off, Kid detonates a bomb at close range. Apple throws itself protectively at him during the explosion, but it is finally destroyed.

The explosion discovered a source of fresh water that Frederic now wants to use for the benefit of the survivors. Kid leaves home after burying Apple to explore the rest of the wasteland.



Turbo Kid received mostly positive reviews. The Rotten Tomatoes website gave the film a 90% rating on the tomatometer, based on 50 reviews, which earned it the status of “ certified fresh ” . Peter Osteried describes Turbo Kid on the gamona.de website as a film "which tells a simple story, but has plenty of fun splatter and cool effects" and draws the conclusion: "The end of the 90s in the style of the 80s from 2015. Simply awesome! ". The editorial staff of Cinema.de calls the film a “fast-paced, carefree bloody” […] “action platter fun with nostalgic 80s charm”. Oliver Armknecht writes on the website film-rezensions.de that Turbo Kid is “cheap, undemanding and crude - but also great fun. The joy of infantile and very bloody nonsense is contagious, bonus points are given for the cool 80s synth music. "The site filmstarts.de rates Turbo Kid as a" fun retro action sci-fi splatter comedy with a high cult factor " .


Turbo Kid has been shown at numerous international film and fantasy festivals and has won various nominations and prizes, such as:


In 2016 directors François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell announced that they were working on Turbo Kid 2 . Its action should immediately follow on from that of the first part. In the same year, the Canadian group Le Matos, which already contributed the soundtrack to Turbo Kid , released the title No Tomorrow , which serves as a prequel to the film and tells the story of the protagonist Apple.

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