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Udo Schumacher (* 1956 in Westerland ) is a German specialist in anatomy who conducts research in the university sector and has written numerous specialist articles and books. He is the director of the Institute for Anatomy and Experimental Morphology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).


Udo Schumacher, 1956 Sylt born, began after his in Niebüll acquired High School as a scholarship holder of studienstiftung a study of medicine at the University of Kiel . After the pre-medical examination, he went to the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology in Philadelphia, United States, as a student for a year and worked in the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty . Back in Kiel, he completed his doctorate on serological reactions to foreign proteins in mice and received his license to practice medicine in 1983 .

Fascinated by the anatomy of the human body, Schumacher first worked at the Institute for Pathology at Kiel University. After changing to the anatomy of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich , he headed there projects on AIDS and analyzed causes of seals die, so also of 1988 occurred mass death of seals . In 1991 Schumacher went to Southampton University for seven years . In 1997 he came to the University of Hamburg , where he has since been director of the Institute for Anatomy and Experimental Morphology at the UKE. He holds the lectures Anatomy I and Histology .

At present (as of October 2015) Schumacher's research is mainly into the role of carbohydrate residues in tumor spread and respiratory infections. In recent years (as of October 2015) his working group has succeeded in identifying essential molecular determinants of tumor spread.

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