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Volume 1 of the second edition of the Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia

The Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia ( Ukrainian Українська радянська енциклопедія, Ukrajinska radjanska encyclopedia ), also often abbreviated to URE , is a 17-volume, universal encyclopedia in the Ukrainian language . It is a separate part of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia .

After an attempt to publish a Ukrainian Soviet encyclopedia was broken off in 1934 under the People's Education Ministers of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Mykola Skrypnyk and Volodymyr Satonskyj in the early 1930s , the XX. The party congress of the CPSU , which initiated the de-Stalinization , created the conditions for the work. On December 18, 1957, the government of the Ukrainian SSR commissioned the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR to prepare the encyclopedia. Academician Mykola Baschan , a Ukrainian poet, publicist and translator, was appointed director of the encyclopedia and was its editor-in-chief from 1957 until his death in 1983.

The first volume of the encyclopedia appeared in 1959. In the following years two to three volumes were added annually and on February 18, 1966 the 17th and final volume of the Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia appeared in Kiev . More than 5000 authors were involved in the publication, which contains 45,000 keywords. It was published in an edition of 80,000 copies. In 1967 and 1969 versions in Russian and English were issued.

In 1974 the publication of the second edition began. Although it only consisted of 12 volumes, it was more extensive than the first edition with 50,000 keywords, as it had three instead of two columns per page. The second edition came to an end in 1985. From 1978 to 1985 the revised Russian edition of URE was published.

The significant influence of communist ideology can be seen in much of the content of the lexicon . For example, the fraternal unity of the Ukrainian and great Russian people is emphasized.

As a successor, the Institute for Encyclopedic Research of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has been planning a new Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia for a number of years , the first volume of which was presented in March 2017.

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