Umm al-Qaiwain (Emirate)

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أم القيوين
Umm al-Qaiwain
Saudi-Arabien Oman Iran Katar Oman Oman Abu Dhabi Dubai Dubai Adschman Adschman Adschman Schardscha Schardscha Schardscha Schardscha Fudschaira (Emirat) Fudschaira (Emirat) Fudschaira (Emirat) Fudschaira/Schardscha Umm al-Qaiwain (Emirat) Ra’s al-Chaima (Emirat) Ra’s al-Chaima (Emirat) Ra’s al-Chaima (Emirat)The emirate of Umm al-Qaiwain in the United Arab Emirates
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The emirate of Umm al-Qaiwain in the United Arab Emirates
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Basic data
Country United Arab Emirates
Capital Umm al-Qaiwain
surface 755 km²
Residents 73,000 (2015)
density 97 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 AE-UQ
emir Saʿud ibn Rashid al-Muʿalla

Coordinates: 25 ° 30 '  N , 55 ° 42'  E

Umm al-Qaiwain ( Arabic إمارة أم القيوين, DMG Imārat Umm al-Qaiwain  'mother of two forces'), often also spelled Umm al-Quwain or Umm al-Qiwain as a transcription of the dialectal pronunciation , is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The emirate had about 50,000 inhabitants in the 2005 census, making it the emirate with the smallest population of all seven emirates. For 2015 the population was estimated at 73,000 people. Around 60% of the population are male, only a good 30% are citizens of the UAE. Umm al-Qaiwain covers about 755 km², that is about one percent of the territory of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it the second smallest of the emirates.


The emirate is located in the north of the country, surrounded by the emirates of Sharjah and Ra's al-Khaimah and the Persian Gulf . The territory consists of a contiguous piece and not, like five of the seven emirates, of different partial territories.

In the north of the emirate, on a peninsula in front of Chaur al-Badya bay , lies the capital of the same name, Umm al-Qaiwain . To the east of the city and in Chaur al-Badya are several mangrove-covered islands, the largest of which is the island of as-Siniyya . About 40 km southeast of the capital is Falaj al-Muʿalla , the agricultural center of the emirate.


According to archaeological finds, the area has been inhabited for at least 5000 years. Tall Abraq , a site of the Umm-an-Nar culture on the border with Sharjah, was inhabited for two millennia. The modern history of Umm al-Qaiwain began towards the end of the 18th century when Majid al-Muʿalla founded the Muʿalla dynasty. From 1820 the emirate of Umm al-Qaiwain was one of the Trucial States .

On December 2, 1971, Great Britain released the former Trucial States , which also included Umm al-Qaiwain, into independence. Under the leadership of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates were founded from the former Trucial States Abu Dhabi , Dubai , Sharjah , Ajman , Umm al-Qaiwain and Fujairah . On February 10, 1972, Ra's al-Khaimah joined the federation as the seventh and last former Trucial State .

Ruler of the Muʿalla dynasty
  • 1775–17… Majid al-Muʿalla
  • 17… –1816 Raschid ibn Majid al-Muʿalla (Raschid I.)
  • 1816–1853 Abdullah ibn Rashid al-Muʿalla (Abdullah I)
  • 1853–1873 Ali ibn Abdullah al-Muʿalla (Ali)
  • 1873–1904 Ahmad ibn Abdullah al-Muʿalla (Ahmad I)
  • 1904–1922 Raschid ibn Ahmad al-Muʿalla (Raschid II.)
  • 1922–1923 Abdullah ibn Rashid al-Muʿalla (Abdullah II.)
  • 1923–1929 Hamad ibn Ibrahim al-Muʿalla (Hamad)
  • 1929–1981 Ahmad ibn Raschid al-Muʿalla (Ahmad II.)
  • 1981–2009 Raschid ibn Ahmad ibn Raschid al-Muʿalla (Raschid III.)
  • 2009– Saʿud ibn Rashid al-Muʿalla0000

Economy and tourism

Traditionally, the emirate lived from fishing, boat building ( dhows ) and the in the oasis operated Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman al-Mu'alla Dattelkultur , where is also the first and most important poultry farm in the country. Today tourism is another industry. Attractions include the Dreamland Aqua Park , the world's largest aqua park, and the island of as-Siniyya, about one kilometer from Umm al-Qaiwain city, declared a nature reserve . In addition to bird watching, Chaur al-Badya Bay also offers the best sport sailing opportunities in the UAE. There are seven fortresses in the city, one of which has been renovated and now houses a museum.

Salam City construction project

The government of the small emirate has developed a plan to build Salam City, a completely new city based on the model of the district foundations in Dubai. According to the sketch of the idea, an urbanization was to be built on an area of ​​20.5 square kilometers in the area of ​​the largely undeveloped, highly structured mangrove coast east of the old town. After the contract was signed in 2005, the work was stopped in 2009 and it was announced in 2012 that investments would be refunded.

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