Lower Antweiler Castle

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Lower Antweiler Castle
View of the castle from the west

View of the castle from the west

Alternative name (s): Antweiler lower castle
Creation time : Origin at the latest in 1345, in the 15th / 16th centuries. Century Extensions and conversions
Castle type : Niederungsburg, location
Conservation status: Received or received substantial parts
Place: Antweiler (Mechernich)
Geographical location 50 ° 36 '22.6 "  N , 6 ° 44' 41.6"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 36 '22.6 "  N , 6 ° 44' 41.6"  E
Lower Antweiler Castle (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Lower Antweiler Castle

The Lower Antweiler Castle , also known as Antweiler Lower Castle , is a moated castle , initially from the 16th century. It is located on the north-eastern edge of the Eifel in Mechernich ( Antweiler district ) in the Euskirchen district . Its counterpart was the Upper Antweiler Castle , which was on the opposite side of the Krebsbach.

The two castles of Antweiler document the historical division of ownership of the place from the Middle Ages to modern times. The Deutz Abbey and Dietkirchen Abbey in Bonn owned real estate in Antweiler . Their bailiffs sat on the lower castle, which they probably only founded in the 13th century to consolidate their rule. In 1345 the lords of Antweiler had received jurisdiction from the sovereign, the Count of Jülich , from which the sub-rule of Antweiler developed. Their masters in the 15th century were those of Metternich , who were also hereditary bailiffs of Deutz and Dietkirchen. In 1488 the lords of Ahr acquired the bailiwick and rule, which they divided into two lines at the beginning of the 16th century. The younger line built the upper castle and received the Deutz Vogtei, which fell back to the lower castle in 1716. The upper castle was sold to the Jesuit order, in 1777 to the Cologne school administration and in 1941 to the Raiffeisenbank, which had the manor house demolished. The only reminder of the castle is the round tower of the outer bailey with its two-part late Gothic helmet and two coat of arms chimneys, one now in Konradsheim Castle and the other, rebuilt or restored as a museum in the outer building of the lower castle in Antweiler.

Both castles were originally surrounded by water. Since the Krebsbach turned out to be an unreliable source of water, the trenches have probably dried up since the 18th century and leveled in the 19th century at the latest. Today the lower castle belongs to the Baron Raitz von Frentz . The once two-part castle still shows medieval traces in the walls in the form of key loopholes. The outer wall stands on the defensive wall of the 14th century, inside a Halfenhaus was added in 1728. The main castle is surrounded by a curtain wall, which was reinforced with towers and in whose western corner the castle house may have stood. The current house was the gate wing from the early 16th century, attached to a much older corner tower. From another wing only a beginning has been preserved.

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