Valle (Latvia)

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Valle (Latvia) (Latvia)
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Basic data
State : LatviaLatvia Latvia
Landscape: Semgallia ( Latvian : Zemgale )
Administrative district : Vecumnieku novads
Coordinates : 56 ° 31 '  N , 24 ° 44'  E Coordinates: 56 ° 31 '5 "  N , 24 ° 43' 46"  E
Residents : 308
Area :
Population density :
Height : 50  m
Post Code:
ISO code:

Valle (German: Wallhof or Wallhofen ) is a village southeast of Riga in Latvia , near the Lithuanian border.


The Wallhof estate was owned by the Duke of Courland and Semigallia , and since the duchy was dissolved in 1795 it had been a crown estate of the Tsar. In 1907 the estate was divided up and the fields were given to 37 Latvian farmers. Their farms were expropriated after the conquest of Latvia by the Red Army in 1944/1945 as part of the collectivization of agriculture. The administration of the kolkhoz of the same name was located in Valle .

At Wallhof the Swedish army defeated Gustav II Adolf on January 7th . / January 17, 1626 greg. the Poles under the Grand Hetman of Lithuania , Lev Sapieha .


  • Georg Mancelius (1593–1654), pastor in Valle
  • Alfred Amtmanis-Briedītis (1885-1966) was an actor and director who was born in Valle. The house where he was born is now a museum.



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