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Valora Holding AG

legal form Corporation
ISIN CH0002088976
founding 1905/1986 (Holding)
Seat Muttenz , Switzerland
management Michael Mueller
Number of employees 15000
sales 2.6 billion CHF (2017)
Branch Trading group
Status: 2017

The Valora Group is an internationally active Swiss trading company based in Muttenz . The registered shares of Valora Holding AG (VALN) are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange .



In 1905 the Swiss Chocoladen & Colonialhaus was founded in Olten , from which Merkur AG later emerged. In the 1980s, Merkur expanded its business area to include restaurants and vending machines ( Selecta ). In 1986 Merkur AG was converted into a holding company (Merkur Holding AG), which in 1996 changed its name to Valora Holding AG .

Takeover of the Swiss kiosk chains

In 1990 the move away from the former core business began. This year, the two largest Swiss kiosk chains, Kiosk AG and Schmidt-Agence , were taken over and gradually merged under the Kiosk brand . With the purchase of Kiosk AG , the naming rights to the Kiosk brand in Switzerland belong to Valora.

In 2001 Valora expanded its kiosk sales outlets to Germany and later to Luxembourg and Austria. These activities are now combined in the Valora Retail business unit and cover around 1,500 locations.

Restructuring in the 2000s

The vending machine division was separated again in 1997 as Selecta AG and listed on the Swiss stock exchange. Four years later, Selecta AG was taken over by the British Compass Group .

As part of a restructuring in 2003, Valora sold the Merkur sales outlets, which specialize in confectionery products and coffee, which have since been continued in a greatly reduced number of locations by a family business from Ennenda in the canton of Glarus under the Merkur Confiserien brand . In October 2006, Hachette Distribution Services , a subsidiary of the French arms and media group Lagardère , expressed interest in Valora Holding. Valora classified the non-binding takeover offer as unattractive and rejected it. Between 2006 and 2007 the Valora Imaging division was sold to Fotolabo. As a further restructuring step, it was announced that it would sell the production facilities of the Valora Trade division .

At the General Meeting of Valora Holding on April 29, 2009, it was decided to relocate the Group's headquarters from Bern to Muttenz, and it was carried out one day later.

Participation in Cevanova AG and avec shops

Cevanova AG , founded in 2000, was originally a joint venture between Valora, the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and the Swiss Federal Railways , in which the partners each held a third. The concept was for Valora to supply the avec stores with its range of kiosks and luxury foods, Migros to supply a basic range of groceries, while SBB provided the premises at train stations that were mostly no longer staffed and thus continued to use avec despite no longer profitable ticket counters Offer a range of tickets through the respective sales staff.

After the SBB withdrew in mid-2005, Migros and Valora were each half involved. In 2008 the cooperation was ended and the locations were split in half. Valora took over the avec shops and the avec brand, Migros the Cevanova AG and has been running this half of the shops as Migrolino since then.

Takeover of the Ditsch pretzel bakery

In January 2012, Valora acquired 1,300 sales outlets from the Lekkerland subsidiary Convenience Concept in Germany. On September 25, 2012, Valora bought the German pretzel manufacturer Brezelbäckerei Ditsch together with its Swiss subsidiary Brezelkönig , based in Emmen. Brezelkönig has 38 locations in Switzerland and around 195 in Germany. Since Valora paid part of the purchase price with its own shares, Ditsch became a major shareholder of Valora with 18.5 percent.

Sale of Valora Services

In May 2014 , with retroactive effect from the beginning of the year, Valora Services was sold to the German press wholesaler PVG . Goods logistics remained with Valora. In the region Valora Services combined press wholesaling recently contributed about 20 percent to group sales and produce the rear logistics of Valora Retail , through which supplies the 1,500 group-owned locations, 7,000 independent kiosks, convenience stores and retailers in Switzerland and neighboring countries in press products were.

Sale of Valora Trade and acquisition of Naville

The sale of the Trade division and the outsourcing of goods logistics in 2015 marked another important step in Valora's strategy of focusing on the convenience and food business in high-frequency locations and the production of pretzel products. In the same year, the Valora network in French-speaking Switzerland was expanded by 175 sales outlets with the acquisition of Naville. Finally, Valora founded the fintech company bob finance and created the Valora Innovations Lab.

With the sale of Naville Distribution and the sale of the Naville property in Geneva, Valora successfully completed the transformation of the group into a focused convenience and food service provider in 2016.

Takeover of the German BackWerk chain

The DB Service Stores belong to the Valora subsidiary Convenience Concept

At the beginning of 2017, Valora bought the American pretzel producer Pretzel Baron, thereby creating an important foothold in the USA. At the end of 2017, Valora took over the German franchise baked goods chain BackWerk , which has more than 340 branches, primarily in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, at a price of around 190 million euros. A capital increase took place for this purpose.


The Valora Group comprises the two divisions Retail and Food Service . The company includes the formats k kiosk, cigo, Brezelkönig, BackWerk, Ditsch, Press & Books, avec, Caffè Spettacolo and the own brand ok.–. Valora’s over 2,800 small-scale sales outlets are located in high-frequency locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France. Around 15,000 employees work in the Valora network. In 2017, Valora generated external sales of 2.6 billion Swiss francs.

Shareholder structure

Significant shareholders of Valora Holding AG as of December 31, 2017 are:

Before (as of May 31, 2017):

The 10 largest shareholders together hold 36.9% of the shares, the 100 largest shareholders hold 48.8%. 52% of the shares are in Swiss hands. (As of December 2017)

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