Vamos a matar Sartana

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Original title Vamos a matar Sartana
Country of production Italy , Spain
original language Italian
Publishing year 1971
length 95 minutes
Director Mario Pinzauti
(as Peter Landers )
script Marco Masi
Rafael Marina
(as Ralf Marin )
production Marco Claudio
music José Espeito
(as Pat Bodie )
camera Giovanni Raffaldi
Jaime Deu Casas
cut Luigi Castaldi

Vamos a matar Sartana is a 1971 under the direction of Mario Pinzauti cost incurred, not shown in the German speaking spaghetti westerns .


The young Nebraska Clay has to fight off an attack by five men and is able to kill them. The sheriff, his girlfriend Carol and her brother are not convinced that he acted in self-defense and put him in jail. There he meets an outlaw, the "madman", who is about to be hanged for murder. When the madman is freed from his gang, Clay also uses the opportunity to escape. Pursued by the sheriff and his men, the fleeing people are on their way to a mission station where treasure is said to be hidden. In the process, they are decimated considerably by the pursuers and their own disputes, so that only Clay and Lena, the female leader of the bandits, reach the goal. When the treasure is found, Lena tries to break away from Clay, but ends up in quicksand with the booty. When the sheriff arrives, he can tell Clay that his innocence has been proven and that the wedding to Carol has been prepared.


Segnalazione Cinematografiche judged the film to be “extremely poor in ideas and technically weak”.


The film was cut in 1973 for the Spanish market and released there as Demasiados muertos para Tex ; the direction was ascribed to the main actor Martin or a Martin Celler.

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