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The traffic police in Germany are usually part of the protection police of the state police , which is concerned with road traffic issues. Most traffic police have a separate organizational structure , e.g. B. Traffic police headquarters, traffic police inspections or motorway police stations . In several countries (e.g. Berlin ) the entire traffic police bear the internal designation Verkehrsdienst (abbreviated VkD ) or Central Traffic Service (abbreviated ZVkD ).


VW Beetle of the traffic police
Traffic Policeman in Berlin (1924)

The traffic police used to appear mainly at intersections where traffic had to be regulated. With the spread of traffic lights , this task has largely lost its importance.

In addition, in some countries there was responsibility for supra-local traffic monitoring , for example truck controls. The range of applications also included other traffic tasks, such as traffic control at major events, accompanying heavy loads or escorting .

Civil traffic surveillance was also used as early as the early 1960s . Powerful vehicles were equipped with two motorized cameras from Robot , which could take quick series of images of traffic processes. One camera was set to the driving process, the second took a time-coordinated picture of a speedometer installed separately (on the front fender of the vehicle) . This system, which was used continuously until the 1970s, was a forerunner of today's ProViDa systems.

In the 1950s and 1960s, traffic cops mainly used motorcycles . A special feature in Baden-Württemberg were the nationwide known " Rau-Reiter " (police officers on motorcycles), whose name can be traced back to the then Stuttgart Police President Paul Rau . Originally, the traffic police performed their duty in a white uniform because of the better visibility, hence the name " White Mice ". Even today, the white cap is worn instead of the green or blue peaked cap in many countries.


Motorcycle policemen escort a sporting event

The main tasks of the traffic police are

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