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Visionaire Studio
Basic data

developer Visionaire team
Current  version 5
operating system Windows , macOS
category Game engine
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes

Visionaire Studio is a cross-platform program package and authoring system for creating 2D graphics adventures .


Visionaire is one of the rather unspecific engines that are supposed to make many different variants of adventure games possible. This applies above all to the control of the game and the design of the plot and events in the game. One can Visionaire even without programming knowledge of the scripting language Lua use for game development, which limits flexibility. As of version 3, Lua is supported as a full script language, supplemented by a fixed catalog of combinable action parts.

  • Support of the graphic interfaces OpenGL and OpenGL ES
  • Support of the audio interface OpenAL
  • Support for the Lua scripting language
  • Support of numerous video formats by using the FFmpeg library
  • Multilingual user interface in: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian

Operating systems

  • Development environment (editor): Microsoft Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • Ready-made adventures (player): Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android

Native support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android is included from version 4.0.

Costs, licensing

The developers of the Visionaire Studio address their offer not only to professional developers, but also to teachers and students or hobby developers and amateurs via special licenses. A free trial version is available for download for those interested.


The following games and projects use the Visionaire Studio :

game year Studio Publisher ( DACH )
Anna's Quest 2015 Daedalic, Krams Design Daedalic
A New Beginning 2010 Daedalic Deep Silver
Chaos on Deponia 2012 Daedalic Daedalic
The black eye: Memoria 2013 Daedalic Deep Silver
The Dark Eye: Satinav's Chains 2012 Daedalic Deep Silver
Deponia 2012 Daedalic Daedalic
Deponia Doomsday 2016 Daedalic Daedalic
The pillars of the earth 2017 Daedalic Daedalic
Goodbye Deponia 2013 Daedalic Daedalic
Harvey's new eyes 2011 Daedalic Rondomedia
Captain Brawe 2010 Cateia Dtp
Game Royale - Hunter of the Bald Lost 2015 Bildundtonfabrik Neo Magazine Royale
Game Royale 2 - The Secret of Jannis Island 2016 Bildundtonfabrik Neo Magazine Royale
Paradigm 2017 Jacob Janerka Jacob Janerka
Stasis 2015 The Brotherhood Daedalic
The Night of the Rabbit 2013 Daedalic Rondomedia
The Whispered World 2009 Daedalic Koch Media
Tiny & Tall: Gleipnir 2018 T&T Studios Plug in digital
Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space 2008 Artificial Hair Bros Artificial Hair Bros

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