Walter Leiske

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Walter Leiske (born February 7, 1889 in Berlin , † October 22, 1971 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German CDU politician .

Life and work

The grave of Walter and Edith Leiske in the Bockenheimer Friedhof

After graduating from high school, Leiske, who was a Protestant, studied law and political science in Berlin . In 1914 he received his doctorate in political science. From 1916 to 1920 he worked for the Prussian and German Association of Cities .

From 1920 to 1925 Leiske was a senator in Wilhelmshaven . He then worked as a full-time city councilor in Leipzig , where he was dismissed in 1934 for political reasons. He went back to his native Berlin, where he worked as an accountant until 1946. In 1947 he became general manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Frankfurt am Main, before being elected mayor there under Lord Mayor Walter Kolb as successor to Eugen Helfrich (until 1960). He represented the Office for Economic Development in the city's magistrate.

Leiske is buried in the Bockenheim cemetery. According to him, is Walter-Leiske street named in Frankfurt.


Leiske was a member of the German Bundestag from 1953 to 1961. He represented the constituency of Frankfurt am Main II in parliament.


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