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A hiking club is an association that regularly offers its members guided hikes . Most of the associations are based in cities and develop their activities in their wider area. Most hiking clubs were founded as part of the hiking movement around 1900.

Hiking clubs in Germany

The oldest hiking club in Germany is the Black Forest Club from 1864, the largest is the Swabian Alb Club .

Most hiking clubs are committed to protecting the environment and nature . They often offer their members and the interested public lecture evenings or relevant health topics.

Smaller hiking clubs founded locally have often joined a national hiking club as a local group. All hiking clubs can in turn be members of a national association. For example, many German hiking clubs are directly or indirectly members of the Association of German Mountain and Hiking Clubs . In addition, a large number of the hiking clubs are affiliated with the respective state sports association. Almost all hiking clubs have a regional connection and are assigned to a low mountain range or another landscape. The alpine clubs (or their sections ) and sports clubs also often have hiking groups. There are also clubs that organize popular migrations .

Often hiking clubs have their own huts (sometimes larger shelters ) where you can spend the night and celebrate. Many hiking clubs maintain and mark their trails or walkways . Marking hiking trails in a certain region is only permitted to larger regional hiking associations in Germany by the respective landscape and forestry laws of the federal states. In Switzerland, the trails are marked by the cantonal hiking clubs. The uniform guidelines of the umbrella association for Swiss hiking trails (SAW) are applied. Many lookout towers were built by hiking clubs; often they are also survey points .

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