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Converter ( transducer ) is the generic term for assemblies or components , a form of energy converted into another form of energy or the value of a physical quantity (eg., Pressure) to another transfer.

Note: In the German-speaking area, a distinction is made between the following generic terms:

  • Converter (convert forms of energy)
  • Implementer (implement information)
  • Converter (change parameters of electrical energy)
  • Converter (are to be equated with "converter" in the field of electrical engineering)

The terms for these assemblies or components have grown historically, so that the respective assignment to the specified generic term cannot always be read from the colloquial name of a specific device or component.

Heat exchangers transfer the energy form "heat" from one material flow to another and therefore do not belong to the converter in the narrower sense.


Converter still stands for:

  • Nightwalker, a person who wanders (wanders, walks), see somnambulism
  • Shapeshifter , a fictional being who willingly changes its appearance
  • Windwalker , a musical instrument

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