Whitebeard Bushhammer

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Whitebeard Bushhammer
Whitebeard Bushhammer (Atlapetes albofrenatus albofrenatus)

Whitebeard Bushhammer ( Atlapetes albofrenatus albofrenatus )

Order : Passerines (Passeriformes)
Subordination : Songbirds (passeri)
Superfamily : Passeroidea
Family : New World Chambers (Passerellidae)
Genre : Bushhammer ( Atlapetes )
Type : Whitebeard Bushhammer
Scientific name
Atlapetes albofrenatus
( Boissonneau , 1840)

The Whiskered Buschammer ( Atlapetes albofrenatus ) is a bird art from the family of Neuweltammern (Passerellidae). The species has a large range that includes the South American countries Colombia and Venezuela . The IUCN assesses the population as Least Concern .


The whitebeard bushhammer reaches a body length of about 17.3 centimeters. The top glows olive. The crown and neck are reddish cinnamon in color. The forehead and the sides of the head are black. On the wagon it has a clear white line that partly merges directly (not with all birds) into the white throat. Below the white line there is an inconspicuous black line. The rest of the bottom is yellow. The under tail-coverts, the sides and flanks are olive-colored.

distribution and habitat

The species is found relatively often on the bushy edges of moist subtropical forests and moss-covered cloud forests at altitudes between 1500 and 2500 meters. You can often see it in clearings with scrub and secondary forest .


These bushhammer mostly live in the trees. They are relatively noticeable and easy to spot. They move and jump skillfully, both alone and in family groups, on moss-covered tree trunks and low branches. They are mostly looking for arthropods , fruits and berries. They move in the strata from one (herb layer) to ten meters (tree layer) above the ground. It is rather rare to see them together with flocks of other species.


Two subspecies are described, which differ mainly in their color, size and range:

  • Atlapetes albofrenatus albofrenatus (Boissonneau, 1840) nominate form in the northeast of the state of Táchira on Boca del Monte and near La Azulita in Venezuela and in northeast Colombia.
  • Atlapetes albofrenatus meridae ( Sclater & Salvin , 1871) was initially described under the name Buarremon meridæ . As you can see from the name, it occurs in the state of Mérida . In contrast to the nominate form, it has a yellow throat. The length of the wings and tail is shorter than in A. a. albofrenatus .

Research history and etymology

Auguste Boissonneau first described this bushhammer as Tanagra (arremon) albo-frenatus . (French). The word Atlapetes for the genus is made up of atla for the Titan Atlas , whose name means bearer, patient and petes from the Greek petros for rock . In ancient mythology, Atlas carried the vault of heaven on his shoulders. The specific epithet comes from Latin and is made up of the words albus for white and frenatus for restrained . With the winged are meant the typical side head stripes of the bird.


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