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Wesley Strick

Wesley Strick (born February 11, 1954 in New York City ) is an American screenwriter.

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Prior to his career in the film business, Wesley Strick studied at the University of California at Berkeley . He then worked as a music critic.

He made his debut as a screenwriter in 1989 for the drama The Dirty Game . A year later he was involved in the script for the horror film Arachnophobia . In 1991 he worked with the director Martin Scorsese and Cape Fear was born .

In 1995 Wesley Strick made his debut as a director. He directed the thriller Blood Line with Daryl Hannah and Keith Carradine in the leading roles. In 2001 he directed a second film, Hitched , which was produced directly for television.

In 1995, Strick was awarded a Saturn Award for the script for the horror film Wolf - Das Tier im Manne . He had already received a nomination for arachnophobia .

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