Müden Wildlife Park

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Müden Wildlife Park
motto Animal close!
place Heuweg 23
29328 Müden / Örtze
surface 10 hectares
opening 2012
Animal species about 30 species
Individuals approx. 200 animals
Species focus Wildlife
management Thomas Wamser (Managing Director)
Sponsorship Wildpark Müden GmbH
WildparkMüden Kassel.jpg

The entrance to the wildlife park

Muden Wildlife Park (Lower Saxony)
Müden Wildlife Park

Coordinates: 52 ° 52 '12.6 "  N , 10 ° 6' 47.2"  E

The Müden Wildlife Park is a public wildlife park in the Müden (Örtze) district of the Faßberg community in the southern part of the Lüneburg Heath in Lower Saxony. It was operated by Wild- und Abenteuer GmbH until 2012 . Thomas Wamser has been the park's tenant ever since.

The park is located in the valley of the Örtze and has an area of ​​over ten hectares .

European mouflon in the wildlife park

Most domestic animals and birds , 200 specimens from 30 species, including deer , raccoons , raccoon dogs , wild boars and muffle - and sika deer are presented in natural and crisscrossed with streams and ponds enclosures .

Admission is charged to finance the park. The visitors can u. a. Visit contact pens , air shows and feedings.

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