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Wilhelm Vischer (the Younger) (1833–1886), professor, historian
Grave on the Wolfgottesacker

Wilhelm Vischer (rarely also Wilhelm Vischer-Heussler or Wilhelm Vischer the Younger ; * August 4, 1833 in Basel , † March 30, 1886 there ) was a Swiss historian and politician .


Vischer was a son of the classical philologist and Basel councilor Wilhelm Vischer-Bilfinger . He first studied theology at the universities in Basel and Bonn . He then devoted himself to studying history at the universities in Berlin and Basel. In 1856 he was promoted to Dr. phil. doctorate before settling there in 1857 habilitated and lecturer was. During this time he was also a teacher at the Pädagogium Basel . In 1862 he moved to the University of Göttingen as a private lecturer .

Vischer returned to Basel in 1866. There he became senior librarian at the Basel University Library . He held this position until 1871. In 1867 he became an associate professor , and finally in 1874 a full professor of Swiss history at Basel University. In 1877 he held the post of rector of the university. For many years he was President of the Historical Society of Basel and was the initiator and editor of the first volumes of the Basel Chronicles . In the General History Research Society of Switzerland , he held a prominent position. He was also one of the authors of the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie .

Vischer was a conservative politician. From 1874 to 1886 he was a member of the Grand Council of the City of Basel and in 1875 was one of the co-founders of the Protestant and conservative Federal Association , of which he was President in 1885/1886. He was also co-editor of the Allgemeine Schweizer Zeitung , which was founded in 1873 as a counterweight to the radical Basler Nachrichten . He was elected to the church council in 1874 and also took part in the synod.

Vischer was awarded an honorary doctorate ( Dr. iur. Hc ) by the Basel University in 1876 . He was buried in the Wolfgottesacker in Basel.

The theologian Eberhard Vischer was his son.

Works (selection)

  • History of the Swabian Association of Cities from 1376–1389 , Dieterich, Göttingen 1861.
  • The legend of the liberation of the forest cities , Vogel, Leipzig 1867.
  • Basler Chroniken , 3 volumes, Hirzel, Basel 1872–1887.
  • The Uri play by Wilhelm Tell , Schultze, Basel 1847.


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