Vyachazlau Kebitsch

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Cyrillic ( Belarusian )
Вячаслаў Францавіч Кебіч
Łacinka : Viačasłaŭ Francavič Kiebič
Transl. : Vjačaslaŭ Francavič Kebič
Transcr. : Vyachaslau Franzawitsch Kebitsch
Cyrillic ( Russian )
Вячеслав Францевич Кебич
Transl .: Vjačeslav Francevič Kebič
Transcr .: Vyacheslav Franzewitsch Kebitsch
Vyachaslau Kebitsch (1991)

Vyachaslau Franzawitsch Kebitsch (born June 10, 1936 in Konjuschewschtschina , Waloschyn Rajon , Minskaja Woblasz ) is a Belarusian politician.

Kebitsch is a mechanical engineer by profession; since 1978 he has been the chief manager of the mechanical engineering company SM Kirov in Minsk . In the period of perestroika he went into politics and was chairman of the Council of Ministers from April 7, 1990, from September 18, 1991 with the title of "Prime Minister". He held this office until July 21, 1994. In the presidential election of July 17, 1994, he was defeated by Aljaksandr Lukashenka .