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Woliczno (German Golz ) is a village in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland . It belongs to the Gmina Drawsko Pomorskie (urban and rural municipality Dramburg) in the Powiat Drawski (Dramburger Kreis) .

Geographical location

The village is located in Western Pomerania , about 80 km east of Stettin and about 5 km southwest of the district town of Drawsko Pomorskie (Dramburg) .

Landesstraße 20 runs on the north-western edge of the village, the course of which here corresponds to the former Reichsstraße 158 . The Alt Damerow – Trampke – Kashagen – Dramburg railway of the Saatziger Kleinbahnen used to run alongside the road and is now closed.


Until 1945 Golz formed a rural community in the Dramburg district of the Pomeranian province . The municipality had 181 inhabitants in 1925, 173 inhabitants in 1933 and 188 inhabitants in 1939. In addition to Golz itself, the two residential areas Augustenhof and Golzer Mühle belonged to the community .

In 1945 Golz came to Poland, like all of Western Pomerania.


Sons and daughters of the place

  • Adolf Stubenrauch (1855–1922), German archaeologist and restorer, worked in Stettin

Connected to the place

  • Otto Wedig von Bonin (1724–1796), Prussian district administrator and state director, acquired the Golz estate in 1790

Web links

  • Golz bei Meyers Gazetteer (with historical map)


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Coordinates: 53 ° 30 '  N , 15 ° 45'  E