Shattered dreams

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German title Shattered dreams
Original title Shattered dreams / L'appat
Country of production Austria ,
Germany ,
original language German ,
Publishing year 1976
length 99 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Peter Patzak
script Peter Patzak
production Günther Köpf ,
Artur Brauner
music Richard Schönherz ,
Manuel Rigoni
camera Heinz Hölscher
cut Wolfgang Schacht

Zerschossene Träume is an Austrian-German-French coproduction by Peter Patzak with an international cast.


Vienna in the 1970s. The young Ken is in the middle of his training as a police officer. His bisexual inclination leads him to become dependent on an unnamed nightclub owner with underworld connections. On the one hand, the much older, homosexual man claims to be his lover, on the other hand he demands that Ken also sexually please the calculating, nymphomaniac businesswoman Carol. The junior police officer soon finds himself in the situation of not only but also to a particularly high degree of being sexually controlled by others, and things begin to ferment in him.

Ken doesn't want this life, wants to lead a normal life, become a good cop and not become as corrupt as his own father once did. The very young Gerda, who crosses his paths, could be a perspective for a new beginning, but soon it seems too late to turn back. When a former patron tries to blackmail him into discreetly looking the other way at an upcoming illegal arms deal, Ken begins to seething. The young man only sees the possibility of breaking his chains with an explosive liberation blow. In his all-round blow, Ken shoots four underworld gangsters and is himself killed in a terrorist attack.

Production notes

Shattered Dreams was filmed between June 5 and July 19, 1975 in Vienna and had its world premiere on August 20, 1976 in Düsseldorf. The Austrian premiere took place on September 3, 1976 in Vienna.


“Bulky mixture of a gangster 'B-picture' and an idiosyncratic description of the milieu and character. Drastically cynical in the description of the underworld milieu, little coherent in atmosphere and problematic drawing, but as a reflection of cinematic narrative styles not without charm. "

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