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Zoni (born April 12, 1967 in Magdeburg , actually: Peter Niemann ) was the singer of the former Oi! -Band Lost Boys and has been running his own band Lost Boyz Army since 2008 .


Zoni grew up in Magdeburg. In 1984/85 he joined the growing skinhead / punk scene. As a result, he came into conflict with the Ministry of State Security and was arrested and interrogated several times. Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall , he managed to emigrate to the West, where he was accommodated in a disaster control camp in Wesel . After being housed in an emergency shelter for a short time, he moved to Friedrichsfeld in March 1990 . He joined the group Lost Boys, whose singer he remained until 2008. Due to personal and musical differences, he dropped out and was replaced by Adrian "Schwefel" Gnyp.

In mid-2008 he founded his own band Lost Boyz Army , which got a record deal with Sunny Bastards .

In addition to his band activities, he wrote under the pseudonym "Zonenpeter" for Willi Wucher's fanzine Scumfuck and worked on the label and in the record store. For a while he also ran his own mail order company for t-shirts and records called Mr. Nobody .


With lost boys

  • 1996: Crossed Hammers (Demo)
  • 1997: One of Us (CD / Pic LP, Scumfuck Mucke, Second Edition LP on UK Records)
  • 1998: You are one of them (CD, self-distribution, Pic LP on United Kids Records, Second Edition LP on UK Records)
  • 2001: angel or devil? (CD, Bad Dog Records, Pic LP Take 'sm all Records)
  • 2003: Unloved (CD / LP, DSS Records (AT))
  • 2005: I hope it hurts ... (CD, Sunny Bastards, Pic LP Rebellion Records (NL))
  • 2006: Saturday night again ( Split -CD / LP with Soko Durst , Sunny Bastards / Psycho T)
  • 2007: ... for a piece of life (CD, Sunny Bastards, Pic LP at Randale Records)

With Lost Boyz Army

  • 2010: VMK Negativ (CD / LP, Sunny Bastards / UK Records)
  • 2011: Incomparable (CD / LP, KlangApartment)
  • 2014: Because life doesn't wait ( KB-Records )

Guest Posts

  • 1994: Various texts on Schönen Gruß von Pöbel & Gesocks
  • 1996: various texts on Oi Punk pervers by Pöbel & Gesocks
  • 1998: various texts on 5 million by Pöbel & Gesocks
  • 1999: various texts on Hey, my friend from Rabauken
  • 2006: Our life on the Duke's works of 180 degrees
  • 2008: Market Sector One on Days of Your Youth by Stomper 98


  • "... actually I always just told my story" Interview with Zoni . In: Moloko Plus . No. 37 , December 2008, p. 12-19 .

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Individual evidence

  1. Imprint of the pioneer ID card . In: Moloko Plus . No. 37 , December 2008, p. 12 .