Lost boys

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Lost boys
Lost Boys Band Photo 2015
Lost Boys Band Photo 2015
General information
Genre (s) Oi! , Punk
founding 1996
Website lostjungs.com
Founding members
Peter "Zoni" Niemann (until 2008)
Bernd Zippel (until 2005)
Current occupation
Guitar, vocals
Sulfur (since 2001)
Cathedral (since 2005)

Lost Boys (spelling: lost boys ) is a German punk band from the Ruhr area and Düsseldorf ( Dinslaken / Düsseldorf / Gladbeck ).

Band history

Lost Boys was founded in 1996 by the two brothers Stefan and Torsten. After changing line-ups, a stable line-up was found in Peter “Zoni” Niemann and Bernd Zippel (drums, also with Rabauken ). Since Zoni worked at Scumfuck, contact with label founder Willi Wucher ( Pöbel & Gesocks ) was quickly established. After a few performances with mob & Gesocks, The Crack, Smegma , Volxsturm and Loikaemie the first song appeared boringly normal on the 7 '' - compilation ass licking shaving Vol. 5 of Scumfuck Mucke. The demo Crossed Hammers followed in June 1996. According to the band, it sold around 800 times.

In 1997 the group released their debut album One of Us . The second album you belong to was initially distributed again. 2001 was Engel oder Teufel? on Bad Dog Records. A second guitarist then joined the group with Schwefel. With Unloved (2003) the group switched to DSS Records (distribution: Cargo Records ). With I hope it hurts (2005) and … for a piece of life (2007), two albums with Sunny Bastards follow .

In 2008 Peter Niemann left the band and founded the band Lost Boyz Army , named after the group's fan club. Stefan and Schwefel have shared the vocals ever since. On the EP Round 8 , released in 2009, the group broke away from all scene pressures.

On April 10, 2015, the band released their new self-titled album Verlorene Jungs on the specially founded label Schema F in Broken Silence distribution.

Music genre

Lost Boys was formed as a skinhead band in 1996 . From the beginning, the influences were mainly British Oi! -Bands like Cockney Rejects , The Business and Cock Sparrer , but also with younger German bands like the Rabauken , Mob & Gesocks and local heroes . The connection to the Ruhr area was particularly evident in the group's early texts, such as Crossed Hammers , which describes a colliery accident , and the Ruhr area . The two brothers Stefan and Torsten worked as buddies at the Lohberg colliery .

Over time, the Oi! Influences faded into the background. With ... for a piece of life the group moves in the street rock genre, and only a few of the pieces are reminiscent of the skinhead era. With round 8 the group even moves towards the Hamburg School ( Kettcar , Tomte ) and processes hip-hop influences. The hip-hop band “The New West” can be heard on the album and uses a sample of the Lost Boys for the song Friendship is .

As with many skinhead bands, Lost Boys were also affected by Nazi allegations, which was primarily due to the fact that the former drummer Bernd Zippel was also still active with the bullies . However, the group positioned itself with sampler contributions, as for the Oi! - Open your mouth !!! against violence, fascism and intolerance (1997) and the skinheads against racism sampler (2007) clearly against the right. Otherwise the lyrics are non-political, whereby ex-singer Niemann can understand the problem of the "non-political" and the criticism of the punk rock scene:

“The music should as far as possible be free of political slogans, you will probably not be able to keep it completely free of politics. [...] Nothing is apolitical, so I would change the definition of apolitical = brainless, better to apolitical = impossible, that would be more likely to affect the matter. "

- Zoni : Interview in Pride No. 4 (1997)

The band has since left the apolitical camp and supports anti-fascist events and groups. Lost Boys are active supporters of the Pro Asyl Association .


  • 1996: Crossed Hammers (Demo)
  • 1997: One of Us (CD / Pic LP, Scumfuck Mucke, Second Edition LP on UK Records)
  • 1998: You are one of them (CD, self-distribution, Pic LP on United Kids Records, Second Edition LP on UK Records)
  • 2001: angel or devil? (CD, Bad Dog Records, Pic LP Take 'sm all Records)
  • 2003: Unloved (CD / LP, DSS Records (AT))
  • 2005: I hope it hurts ... (CD, Sunny Bastards, Pic LP Rebellion Records (NL))
  • 2006: Saturday night again ( Split -CD / LP with Soko Durst, Sunny Bastards / Psycho T Records )
  • 2007: ... for a piece of life (CD, Sunny Bastards, Pic LP at Randale Records)
  • 2009: Round 8 (CD, Sunny Bastards)
  • 2015: Lost Boys (CD / Pic LP, Scheme F Records)

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