Second Carnatic War

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The Second Carnatic War (also: Second Karnataka War ) was a colonial war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and France that was fought in India from 1751 to 1754 . Most of the fighting took place in the Karnatik region, which during colonial times was the area between the Eastern Ghats and the Coromandel Coast in the north of what is now the state of Tamil Nadu .

After the end of the First Carnatic War in 1748, there was peace between the two states for some time, but France continued to try to increase its influence in the Carnatic and to conquer it completely. Therefore, the French commander Joseph François Dupleix allied with local rulers to stir up unrest and revolts against British rule. Dupleix promised the heir to the throne of Karnataka that he would be reinstated under French rule if he would support the French militarily.

In this conflict, the mother countries France and Great Britain were officially at peace. The fighting troops were only subordinate to the East India Company and the French East India Company . The French troops were defeated by Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive at Arcot with only 500 men. Arcot was a fortress 105 km west of Madras . The French then had to break off their siege at Trichinopoly (Tiruchirappalli) to relieve Arcot . Despite being numerically inferior, Robert Clive was also able to defeat this French force.

After the fighting at Arcot, one British victory followed another. This ultimately sealed the fall of French rule in southern India. Dupleix was recalled to France in 1754, which also meant the end of the war. The French attempt to establish themselves in southern India at the expense of the British had thus failed for the second time.