(13053) Bertrandrussell

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(13053) Bertrandrussell
Properties of the orbit ( animation )
Epoch:  December 9, 2014 ( JD 2,457,000.5)
Orbit type Main belt
Major semi-axis 2.5995  AU
eccentricity 0.2935
Perihelion - aphelion 1.8366 AU - 3.3624 AU
Inclination of the orbit plane 5.4339 °
Length of the ascending node 116.7222 °
Argument of the periapsis 306.2499 °
Sidereal period 4.19 a
Physical Properties
Absolute brightness 14.8 mag
Explorer Eric Walter Elst
Date of discovery September 22, 1990
Another name 1990 SQ 8 , 1998 MJ 23
Source: Unless otherwise stated, the data comes from JPL Small-Body Database Browser . The affiliation to an asteroid family is automatically determined from the AstDyS-2 database . Please also note the note on asteroid items.

(13053) Bertrand Russell is an asteroid of the main belt , which on 22 September 1990 by the Belgian astronomer Eric Walter Elst at the La Silla Observatory ( IAU code 809) of the European Southern Observatory in Chile was discovered.

The asteroid was named on May 23, 2005 after the British philosopher , mathematician and logician Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) who, together with Alfred North Whitehead , published the Principia Mathematica, one of the most important works of the 20th century on the fundamentals of mathematics is considered to be one of the fathers of analytical philosophy .

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