(2062) Aten

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(2062) Aten
Properties of the orbit ( animation )
Orbit type Near-Earth asteroid, Aten-type
Major semi-axis 0.967  AU
eccentricity 0.183
Perihelion - aphelion 0.79 AU - 1.143 AU
Inclination of the orbit plane 18.9 °
Sidereal period 347 d 4 h
Mean orbital velocity 30.29 km / s
Physical Properties
Medium diameter 0.9 km
Albedo 0.20
Rotation period 1 d 16 h 46 min
Absolute brightness 16.80 likes
Spectral class S type
Explorer Eleanor F. Helin
Date of discovery 7th January 1976
Another name 1976 AA
Source: Unless otherwise stated, the data comes from JPL Small-Body Database Browser . The affiliation to an asteroid family is automatically determined from the AstDyS-2 database . Please also note the note on asteroid items.

(2062) Aten is an asteroid and the namesake of a group of asteroids ( Aten-type ), the orbits of which mostly run within the earth's orbit and cross it .

The celestial body was named after the ancient Egyptian god Aten, who is better known under the name Aton .

The orbit of Aten runs between 0.79 AU ( perihelion ) and 1.143 AU ( aphelion ). The orbit eccentricity is 0.183, the orbit is inclined 18.93 ° to the ecliptic .

The 0.9 km large asteroid was discovered on January 7, 1976 by Eleanor F. Helin .

Aten belongs to the group of silicate-rich asteroids. The albedo is 0.2.

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