Abdulhamid Sulaymon oʻgʻli Choʻlpon

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Abdul Hamid Sulaymon o'g'li Yunusov , pseudonym Cho'lpon ( "Morning Star"; Cyrillic Абдулҳамид Сулаймон ўғли Юнусов, Чўлпон; Russian Абдулхамид Чулпон Abdulchamid Tschulpon even Чулпан Chulpan ; also Abdulkhamid , Chulpon * 1893 , 1897 or 1898 in Andijon , † 1938 in Siberia ) was an Uzbek writer and translator from the Fergana Valley who supported the Jadidism movement in Turkestan . He is considered one of the founders of modern Uzbek literature.

life and work

After attending an Islamic primary school ( maktab ), Abdulhamid Sulaymon oʻgʻli, who comes from one of the wealthiest families in Andijon, attended a Russian school. He wrote his first poems as a maktab student, one of which was published in a newspaper in 1908. In the summer of 1914, his work Doʻxtur Muhammadyor , perhaps the first modern Turkish-language short story from Central Asia, was published as a serial in a newspaper. That script subsequently played an influential role in Central Asian modernism.

After the October Revolution of 1917, the focus of his work increasingly turned to nationalism. He translated numerous writings into Uzbek , including Hamlet and works by Gogol and Pushkin . In 1938 he was arrested, exiled to Siberia and shot there on October 5th . Cho'lpon was rehabilitated in 1965 , but it was not until the 1980s that his works were allowed to be published again in the USSR.