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Adolf Lasson (born March 12, 1832 in Strelitz as Ahron Lazarusson , † December 19, 1917 in Berlin ) was a German philosopher and university professor .

Adolf Lasson came from a Jewish family. From 1848 to 1852 he studied philology and law at the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin . In 1853 he converted to Christianity. From 1859 he was a teacher at the Luisenstädtische Realschule in Berlin. In 1861 he received his doctorate from the University of Leipzig . From 1874 he was a lecturer in literature and aesthetics at the Viktoria Lyceum and from 1877 as a private lecturer in philosophy at the University of Berlin. He was the father of the Protestant theologian Georg Lasson .

Adolf Lasson has translated the writings of Aristotle and Giordano Bruno into German , among others .

In his writings he advocates a further development of Hegelian doctrine influenced by the views of the historical school of law and by the newer scientific views .

Lasson was not a pacifist. In 1868, in his book Das Kulturideal und der Krieg , he formulated B .:

"[I] m peace [...] the illusion easily arises that the state is there for individuals, for their prosperity and comfort [...] The state in war demands all belongings of its citizens for its purposes, and he does demands even more: He demands the surrender of their entire existence [...] The state at peace is not a true state; it only reveals its full meaning in the war. "

- p. 16f.

“Peace may produce an industrious, lovable race; but the strength withers, the nerve slacks. "

- p. 17


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