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Alexander Veljanov, July 15, 2006 in Hanover, concert by the band Deine Lakaien

Alexander Veljanov (* 1965 in Ohrid , SR Macedonia , SFR Yugoslavia ) is a North Macedonian - German singer in the band Deine Lakaien , which he founded in 1985 together with Ernst Horn .


Veljanov, from Ohrid (Yugoslavia, today North Macedonia) studied theater and film studies in Munich and Berlin until he dropped out in 1991 to devote himself entirely to music and your lackeys . Veljanov was also the singer of the Berlin band Run Run Vanguard until 1993 . Veljanov works as a singer, lyricist and songwriter not only for his main field of activity, Deine Lakaien , but is also active in side and solo projects and as a guest singer for other artists and bands.

Alexander Veljanov lives and works in Berlin, Munich and London. He is considered very careful to protect his privacy and speaks little about his living conditions in interviews.



  • 1998: Veljanov - Secrets of the Silver Tongue (Album)
  • 1998: Veljanov - The Man With a Silver Gun (MCD)
  • 1998: Veljanov - Past and Forever (MCD)
  • 2001: Veljanov - The Sweet Life (Album)
  • 2001: Veljanov - Fly Away (MCD)
  • 2006: Edgar Allan Poe Project - Visions (Double Album CD2) "Song For Annabel Lee"
  • 2008: Veljanov - Never Again / Queen of Ice (MCD)
  • 2008: Veljanov - Porta Macedonia (album)


  • 1991: The Perc Meets the Hidden Gentleman - Lavender (Album), "The Composition of Incense"
  • 1993: Das Holz mit Veljanov - Contribution to the sampler "The Lizard King: A Tribute to Jim Morrison Wave & Electro Cover Versions", "Spanish Caravan"
  • 1994: Estampie - Ludus Danielis (album), "Abacuc"
  • 1995: Sleeping Dogs Wake - Hold me under the Stars (MCD), "Hold me"
  • 1996: Estampie - Crusaders (album), "Ahi, amors", "Chaterai por mon corage", "Imperator Rex Greacorum", "Maugréz tous sainz", "Palästinalied", "Quant amors trobet partir"
  • 1998: Das Holz - Drei (album), "Alice" + "Jolene"
  • 2000: Estampie - Ondas (album), "O Fortuna"
  • 2002: Stendal Blast - Just One Day (MCD)
  • 2004: Schiller - Leben (album), "Desire"


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