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Alexandre de Rhodes

Alexandre de Rhodes ( Vietnamese also A-Lịch-Sơn Đắc-Lộ ; born January 15, 1591 or 1593 in Avignon , † November 5, 1660 in Isfahan ) was a French Jesuit and missionary .


Alexandre de Rhodes came from a family of silk merchants with the original surname Rodua , who had fled as Marranen , i.e. Jews who were forced to convert , from Calatayud in the Kingdom of Aragon before the Spanish Inquisition to the papal enclave of Avignon, which was known for its religious tolerance. He joined the Society of Jesus in Rome on April 14, 1612 , where he studied theology and natural sciences with Christoph Clavius, among others . In 1618 he began his first missionary trip to Japan, but first spent three years in Goa in Portuguese India . In 1623 he came to the Portuguese trading base Macau in China. Since the working conditions for missionaries in Japan had deteriorated significantly, he went to the south ( Cochinchina ) for three years in 1624 and then from 1627 to 1630 to the north ( Tonking ) of what is now Vietnam. However, he fell out of favor with the regent Nguyễn Phúc Lan and returned to Macau for 10 years, where he taught theology. In 1640 he was able to travel to Cochinchina again for five years and do missionary work, then was expelled from the country there as well. From 1645 to 1649 he traveled back to Rome via Java, India, Persia, Armenia and Anatolia. There he recommended the solution of the church administration in East Asia, which had previously been carried out via Portugal, and the installation of an independent local church, including its own bishops. In 1655 he was sent to Persia , where he remained until the end of his life.

His most important work was the Dictionarium Annamiticum, Lusitanum, et Latinum , a Vietnamese-Portuguese-Latin dictionary and the first book that appeared in Europe with the Vietnamese language . Rhodes is also often credited with developing the Vietnamese script , which is based on the Latin alphabet . However, the Portuguese Francisco de Pina already developed the font, which was later developed by Gaspar do Amaral and António Barbosa . It describes an earlier phonetic level of Vietnamese (e.g. consonant combinations bl-, tl-, ml- at the beginning of the syllable, which no longer exist), but is essentially unchanged until today under the name Quốc ngữ (from Chinese 國語, "national language “) Used.


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