Alpine Club

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Alpine Club (AC)
sport Rockclimbing
Founded December 22, 1857
Members 1499 (as of 2019)
Association headquarters London , UK
Official languages) English

The Alpine Club ( AC ) is a club based in London and is the oldest mountaineering association in the world. It is a gentlemen's club dedicated to expedition mountaineering. The membership organization for British mountaineers is the British Mountaineering Council .

The Alpine Club was founded by British mountaineers on December 22, 1857 . During the golden age of alpinism he played a key role in the development of alpinism . The club's first president was John Ball , the first to climb Monte Pelmo .

For a long time the club maintained the usual standards of a gentleman's club and membership was conditional. A candidate had to be able to show that they had climbed a certain number of mountains. In addition, membership was reserved for men; this led to the founding of the Ladies' Alpine Club in 1907 . Only in 1974 did the Alpine Club admit women as members and merged with the Ladies' Alpine Club.

The head office has been in a former Victorian department store on Charlotte Road in London since 1991 .

The Alpine Club is a member of the multilateral agreement on reciprocal rights to huts . He has been a UIAA member since 2003 .

The club currently has around 1500 full members from over 30 countries, most of whom are British.


A chronological overview of all presidents of the section since it was founded.

Term of office president
1857-1860 John Ball
1860-1863 Edward Shirley Kennedy
1863-1865 Alfred Wills
1865-1868 Leslie Stephen
1868-1871 Charles Edward Mathews
1871-1874 William Longman
1875-1877 Thomas Woodbine Hinchliff
1881-1883 Thomas George Bonney
1884-1886 Florence Crauford Grove
1886-1890 Clinton Thomas Dent
1890-1893 Horace Walker
1893-1896 Douglas Freshfield
1896-1899 Charles Pilkington
1899-1902 James Bryce
1902-1904 Martin Conway
1904-1906 George Forrest Browne
1908-1911 Hermann Wooley
1911-1914 WE Davison
1914-1917 -
Term of office president
1917-1919 John Percy Farrar
1920-1923 John Norman Collie
1923-1926 Charles Granville Bruce
1926-1929 Sir George Henry Morse
1929-1932 Claude Wilson
1932-1934 Sir John Withers MP
1935-1938 Edward Lisle Strutt
1938-1940 Claud Schuster
1941-1943 Geoffrey Winthrop Young
1944-1947 Leo Amery
1947-1949 Tom George Longstaff
1950-1953 Claude Aurelius Elliott
1953-1956 Edwin Savory Herbert
1956-1959 John Hunt
1959-1962 George Ingle Finch
1962-1965 Howard Somervell
1965-1968 Eric Shipton
1968-1971 Charles Evans
1971-1974 ADM Cox
Term of office president
1974-1977 Jack Longland
1977-1980 Peter Lloyd
1980-1983 JH Emlyn-Jones
1983-1986 RRE Chorley
1986 AK Rawlinson
1986-1987 Nea Evans
1987-1990 George band
1990-1993 HRA Streather
1993-1996 Mike Westmacott
1996-1999 Chris Bonington
1999-2001 Doug Scott
2002-2004 Alan Blackshaw
2005-2007 Stephen Venables
2008-2010 Paul Braithwaite
2010-2013 Mick Fowler
2014-2016 Lindsay Griffin
2017-2019 John Porter
Since 2019 -

Note: Alpine Club is also the English name for Alpine Club or Mountaineering Club. The name became a generic name .

Mountain guide monument

The mountain guide monument in St. Niklaus Dorf honors u. a. Alpinists of the Alpine Club as guests of the St. Niklaus mountain guides .

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