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German title Ambush
Original title Ambush
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2001
length 6 minutes
Director John Frankenheimer
script Andrew Kevin Walker
production Robyn Boardman ,
Aristides McGarry
music Michael Wandmacher
camera Newton Thomas Sigel
cut Robert Duffy

Ambush ( English for "ambush") is part of the short film series The Hire by John Frankenheimer , which was made on behalf of BMW in 2001 as a commercial.


The driver is chauffeuring a Cuban businessman through the night in a BMW 740i when a van with armed occupants demands the surrender of diamonds. At first the driver is understanding, but the Cuban persuades him to flee when he says that he has swallowed the diamonds and that he would have to die for the surrender. A rapid chase ensues, which finally ends on a construction site. There, the pursuer's car explodes on a construction vehicle. The driver can deliver his customers to their destination the next day.

Production and publication

The Anonymous Content studio produced the film in 2001, directed by John Frankenheimer . Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the script for the film and Michael Wandmacher wrote the music . BMW Films released the short film on DVD.

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