András Kuttik

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András Kuttik
birthday May 23, 1896
place of birth BudapestAustria-Hungary
date of death 2nd January 1970
Place of death Agno TISwitzerland
position midfield
Years station Games (goals) 1
1918-1923 33 FC Budapest
1923-1924 Modena FC
1924-1925 Aurora Pro Patria
1925-1926 AC Legnano
1926-1927 Aurora Pro Patria
1927-1928 AC Legnano
Stations as a trainer
Years station
1926-1927 Aurora Pro Patria ( player-coach )
1927-1928 AC Legnano (player-coach)
1929-1932 Hellas Verona
1932-1934 Cagliari Calcio
1934-1935 Reggina Calcio
1935-1936 AS Bari
1936-1937 L'Aquila Calcio
1937-1939 Vicenza Calcio
1939-1940 AS Bari
1940 Torino FC
1940-1941 AS Lucchese Libertas
1941-1942 AS Bari
1942-1943 Torino FC
1946-1948 AS Bari
1948-1949 Cosenza Calcio 1914
1949-1950 Foggia Calcio
1951-1952 Deportivo Guadalajara
1952-1953 Cosenza Calcio 1914
1959-1960 Beşiktaş Istanbul
1960-1961 Goztepe Izmir
1961–1962 Beşiktaş Istanbul
1962 Vefa Istanbul
1963–? AS Bari
1 Only league games are given.

András Kuttik according to some sources also András Kutik (born May 23, 1896 in Budapest , † January 2, 1970 in Agno TI ) was a Hungarian football player and coach . He spent almost his entire playing and coaching career in Italy. As a coach, he was one of the founders of the Turin FC team that went down in football history as the Grande Torino . He was involved in the first Italian championship and the first Italian double victory in the club's history. During his Turkey phase, he won the first Turkish championship in the club's history with Beşiktaş Istanbul in the 1959/60 season .

Player career

Kuttiks began his active football career in 1918 with 33 FC Budapest . From 1923 he continued his career in Italy and played in succession for the clubs FC Modena , Aurora Pro Patria and AC Legnano . In the summer of 1926 he moved back to Aurora Pro Patria and acted here as a player- coach, which he also made the change to the coaching field. After a year he worked in the same activity for AC Legnano before he completely ended his playing career in 1928.

Coaching career

After Kuttik had already acted as a player-coach at his last two clubs Aurora Pro Patria and AC Legnano , he worked completely as head coach from 1928 by supervising Hellas Verona . He then worked as a trainer in Italy for almost three decades and in this role u. a. active for the clubs Cagliari Calcio , Reggina Calcio , AS Bari , Vicenza Calcio , FC Turin , Cosenza Calcio 1914 and Foggia Calcio .

During this time he looked after AS Bari four times and a total of five seasons. In the Italian second division season 1941-42 he achieved with this club the championship and the direct promotion to the Serie A .

After being promoted to AS Bari, Kuttik took over the first division club Torino next season . He led this club surprisingly at the end of the season to the first Italian championship in the club's history. In addition, the Coppa Italia of the 1942/43 season was won, which the club also secured the Italian double victory for the first time . Although Kuttik was replaced by Antonio Janni towards the end of the season , many Italian sources attribute this success to him. He is considered to be the co-founder of the Turin FC team, known as the Grande Torino , that would dominate Italian football for the next few years.

Kuttik worked as a coach in Italy until 1950 and then looked after the Mexican club Deportivo Guadalajara in the 1951/52 season . After a season he returned to Italy and trained for the second time Cosenza Calcio.

In the summer of 1959 he took the offer from the Turkish first division side Beşiktaş Istanbul and continued his career in Turkey. With this club he took part in the first Turkish football league, the Millî Lig, which was only founded in the spring of 1959, and looked after the club in the second season of this league. Although his defensive direction of play was repeatedly criticized, Kuttik led his team in the then valid two-point rule with a five-point advantage over the runner-up Fenerbahçe Istanbul to the first Turkish championship in the club's history. He let the team play the Italian catenaccio , which was criticized in Turkey as a one-goal, two-point idea. However, his team won 38 league games in their first championship season, eleven games 1-0, played a total of 25 games without conceding a goal and only remained goalless in four games. His team saw only 15 goals conceded in all 38 league games. He achieved this success with a team whose average age was 23 years.

Despite this very successful season, the further cooperation between Kuttik and Beşiktaş was unclear. Therefore, Beşiktaş already began to negotiate with the Italian Sandro Puppo for the Kuttik successor. Finally, on July 19, 1960, the association dissolved Kuttik's current contract and replaced it with Puppo. Kuttik took over league rival Göztepe Izmir for the coming season and continued his career in Turkey. With Göztepe he experienced a mixed season and finished it with his team in 13th place, below expectations.

After the Göztepe season, Kuttik returned to Beşiktaş and took over the post of head coach a second time. After Beşiktaş had finished the first half of the season below expectations, Kuttik's dismissal was already discussed in the specialist press. Three months before the end of the season, the club's management replaced Kuttuk with Yugoslav coach Ljubiša Spajić .

Kuttik remained unemployed until the end of the season and took over the Turkish first division club Vefa Istanbul for the coming season . Already left this association in November 1962.

After working in Turkey for around three years, Kuttik returned to Italy and worked a. a. again for AS Bari.


As a trainer

With AS Bari
With FC Turin
With Beşiktaş Istanbul

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