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Annelore Kunze , married Wirschaz, (born June 5, 1920 in Hamburg ; † October 7, 2013 in Lilienthal ) was a German actress on stage, film and television.


In 1942/43 she was engaged at the Staatliches Schauspielhaus Hamburg . As a theater actress she stood u. a. together with Heinrich George and Johannes Heesters on stage and also performed in the Hamburg Ohnsorg Theater . In the season 1949/50 she took over at the Hamburg troupe "The Ensemble", a community engagement loose Hamburger actor of Harburger Theater in Ernst Nebhuts tragicomedy is the devil Monsieur Darcy a leg the role of Jaqueline.

In 1971 she played the mother of the main character Gesche Gottfried (played by Margit Carstensen ) in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's play Bremer Freiheit at the Bremen Theater ; Fassbinder also directed it himself. As a member of the Bremen Theater, she made a guest appearance with this production at the 9th Berlin Theatertreffen in 1972 .

She worked as a speaker in the 1960s a. a. at a Hamburg shadow theater . In the 1960s she was also regularly engaged as a spokesperson for the television “Children's Hour” on ARD .

Kunze had been married to the actor Erwin Wirschaz since 1950 , who became aware of her when she was playing alongside Paul Hörbiger . The artist couple lived in Frankenburg , a district of Lilienthal , where they celebrated diamond wedding in 2010 . The actress Jutta Wirschaz emerged from the marriage.


Speaking roles (selection)

  • 1950: The Tale of the Last Shepherd Editor ( NWDR radio play)
  • 1950: Family connection by Karl Bunje - Director: Hans Freundt (NWDR Hamburg)
  • 1952: The court withdraws to deliberate - the prosecutor becomes defense attorney (by Gerhart Herrmann Mostar - director: Gerd Fricke )
  • 1955: Keen Grund un Bodden. Low German radio play. ( RB ; oral arth sound by Thora Thyselius; director: Günter Jansen )
  • 1955: Lucifer. A dramatic play of meaning. (RB Heimatfunk; radio play based on Karl Wagenfeld ; director: Eberhard Freudenberg )
  • 1957: Election of the mayor of the stock exchange. Low German radio play. (RB; oral arthurs by Heinrich Laschinger; director: Erwin Wirschaz)
  • 1964: Paul and the little dragon (cartoon based on Jean Dulieu)

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