Apollo (Masonic Lodge)

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Vignette of the Apollo Lodge
Common box building with the box Balduin zur Linde in Elsterstraße 2 (rear view)
Lodge Apollo Bijou FS.png
Lodge Apollo Bijou BS.png

Lodge badge ( Bijou ) of the Lodge Apollo

Apollo is a Masonic Lodge in Leipzig .


On August 6, 1799, Christian Gottfried Kretschmann (* 1744) and seven other Freemason brothers founded a Masonic lodge in his apartment under the name Zur greenenden Eiche . This lodge was not recognized by the Leipzig lodges Minerva zu den Drei Palmen and Balduin zur Linde . In June 1801 Kretschmann was accused of "behavior that was questionable in money matters" and the box was closed. It was immediately reopened under the name Apollo to the three acacias . On May 5, 1805, the lodge with a constitution of the Prussian Great National Mother Lodge "To the three world balls" as Lodge Apollo No. 212 i. O. Leipzig - named after Apollo , the Greek god of light and art - entered in the registers.

The lodge was initially located in the “Golden Ship” in Fleischergasse, then in Obermannschen Haus, Brühl 5. From 1808 to 1823 the lodge was located in “Krafts Hof”, Brühl 47, then in “Plauenschen Hof”, Brühl 23. In 1847 the boxes Apollo and Balduin zur Linde had the architect Eduard Pötzsch build a joint box house at Elsterstraße 2, at the corner of Zentralstraße. On June 24, 1852, the two lodges signed a partnership agreement, which included house rules for the common lodge house.

On 11 October 1815, the lodge joined Apollo the Great Lodge of Saxony in. On June 4, 1836, the first brother of the Jewish faith was accepted into the lodge and thus the first into a Saxon lodge.

From 1932 onwards, most of the brothers renounced Freemasonry. In the spring of 1933 the lodge finally dissolved itself.

On April 21, 1991, the White Bear lodge in Auerbach's cellar was brought in and on December 14, 1991, the Athene deputation lodge was installed and brought in light for unity . Under the motto "Wisdom of Athena, Strength of the Bear, Beauty of Apollo", both lodges merged on May 5, 2005 to form the historical Lodge Apollo , which was thus re-established.

Well-known members of the lodge

Individual evidence

  1. synonymous with the embezzlement of lodge money.
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