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Arche ( Latin arca , box, chest ') stands for:



  • Arche Metropolis , art project for the opportunities and development of urban society in the 21st century
  • ARCHE project , long-term archiving project
  • L'Arche , project for people with and without disabilities to live together



The ark stands for:

Arche (ancient Greek ἀρχή 'beginning, principle, origin' with an emphasis on the second syllable) stands for:

  • Archē , in ancient philosophy the primary material from which the world arose
  • one of the four titanic muses
  • Arche (moon) , one of the moons of Jupiter, named after the titanic muse

Arche (French arche , arche 'or' arch ') stands for:

  • Grande Arche , modern triumphal arch in the Paris suburb of La Défense
  • L'Arche , spiritual community for the integration of the disabled

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