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Overview of the Westfjords

Overview of the Westfjords

Waters Arctic Ocean
Land mass Iceland
Geographical location 65 ° 44 ′  N , 23 ° 32 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 44 ′  N , 23 ° 32 ′  W
Arnarfjörður (Iceland)
width 10 km
depth 30 km
Tributaries Dynjandisá and others
At Arnarfjörður, in the background the Dynjandi waterfall

At Arnarfjörður, in the background the Dynjandi waterfall


The fjord Arnarfjörður ( Eng . "Adlerfjord") is the second largest of the Westfjords in Iceland. It lies roughly in the middle and extends from northwest to southeast about 30 km into the country to Dynjandivogur Bay. Its width is 5 to 10 km.


Inside, the fjord is split into two arms, one of which is called Suðurfirðir and, as the plural of the name suggests, continues to split. One of these side fjords is z. B. the Geirþjófsfjörður . The northern arm in turn divides into Borgarfjörður and Dynjandisvogur . The innermost fjord banks are sometimes very steep, the road seems to be milled into them. This fjord is one next to the Patreksfjörður and Tálknafjörður to Südfjorden the Westfjords ( isl. Suðurfirðir Vestfjarða ).


On the north bank of the fjord, mountains that are unfamiliar to the Westfjords rise, sharpened by glaciers and partly full of gabbro and rhyolite . The Tjaldanes volcano was active there many millions of years ago, the remains of which can still be found in the mountains, etc. a. can be seen on the Tjaldanesfell itself and on the highest mountain in the Westfjords, on Kaldbakur . The steep pass road, which is called Hrafnseyrarheiði after the plateau it crosses, leads through these mountains to a height of 552 m and over to the neighboring Dýrafjörður to the north . It is to be replaced by a tunnel in the next few years.


Below and to the east of these mountains is the hamlet of Hrafnseyri , which has a great past. In the 19th century it was home to a national hero of the country, Jón Sigurðsson , who was born here and later fought quite successfully for the independence of his country. On the north bank at the entrance of the fjord, however, is the Lokinhamradalur . It was made famous by the film report "Iceland's Last Hermit" . This describes the meager life of the last shepherd there.

Bíldudalur is located on the south bank of the fjord . From there a spur road leads to the mouth of the fjord to Selárdalur farm. The farmer and artist Samúel Jónsson lived here until 1969. His concrete sculptures can still be seen today.

On the southeastern bank of Arnarfjörður is the Dynjandi waterfall .

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