August Rudolph Jesaias Bünemann

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August Rudolph Jesaias Bünemann (born May 5, 1716 in Minden , † October 5, 1774 in Hanover ) was a German lawyer and writer .


Bünemann was the son of the rector of the Minden high school Johann Ludolf Bünemann . He already received comprehensive training in his parents' home. He also published his first stories about learned things in the Leipziger Neue Zeitung during this time . For this he received public praise from King Friedrich of Sweden . At the age of fifteen he finished his education at the grammar school in Minden . In April 1733 he went to the University of Halle to study law . There he was in particular a student of Chancellor Johann Peter von Ludewig . After graduating in 1735, he was secretary to General Friedrich Otto von Wittenhorst-Sonsfeld , and in 1737 to Minister of State Friedrich Wilhelm von Borcke .

In 1738 Bünemann became tax at the War and Domain Chamber in Minden. When his father was appointed rector to Hanover in 1739, his son was also employed there as a chamber and church attorney. On 22 November 1740 he was appointed as prosecutor at the top of Appeal Celle approved, on 31 October 1753 of the Law Faculty of the University of Göttingen with the Dissertatio de Iuridica sponsae partu spurio to Dr. iur. PhD . He also received a Councilor title . He was the first among the lawyers in Hanover and involved in their training. On November 29, 1761, Schwarzburg-Sondershausen was appointed Count of the Court Palatinate , in 1766 he became an honorary citizen of Hanover and finally, on June 30, 1767 , he was elected court judge.

Bünemann was buried in the cemetery of the Aegidienkirche in Hanover.

Works (selection)

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  • Dissertatio iuridica de sponsae partu spurio , Schulz, Göttingen 1953.
  • The advocates. A comedy , Hamburg 1753.
  • Satyren , Hechtel, Helmstedt 1762 (anonymously under the faked places of publication Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig).


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