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The Auslucht ( Low German Utlucht ) is a windowed projection from the front of the building as part of the interior. As a special form of the bay window , it does not start protruding , but at ground level. Therefore one speaks of a stand bay . Equipped with large windows on all sides, the Auslucht allows a view of the street. Illuminations could be one, two or three-story or four-story ( Princely Residential Palace Detmold ). However, if the protruding part of the building is as high as the entire structure, it is called a risalit instead .

In addition, transverse roof gables over side nave yokes of churches are also referred to as Auslucht.


Germany and neighboring countries

Illuminations have been detectable since the 16th century. You can find them mainly in Low German town houses . Spots are particularly numerous in Lemgo , Tønder and Arnis . In addition, many castles (e.g. Varenholz Castle ), town halls (e.g. Rinteln ) and aristocratic courts of the Renaissance period were provided with such porches (see also Weser Renaissance ).

The construction of lofts was prohibited in the 18th century for reasons of fire protection. Ausluchten were then used again in the historicizing architectural styles of the Wilhelminian era and in the decades that followed.

British tradition

In English, bay window is used as an umbrella term for both illuminations and bay windows, which are very similar in appearance and whose function is exactly the same. The special term oriel window for the bay window is reserved for scientific usage and is mostly used for historical or historicizing buildings.

Bay windows are window systems protruding from the outer wall. They improve the supply of light, expand the interior space and also allow a larger view to the sides. They have been a popular constant in British residential architecture since Victorian architecture of the 1870s to this day.

Based on the British model, bay windows found their way into the residential architecture of other English-speaking countries, especially in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The city of San Francisco has a high concentration of bay windows , but they are often bay windows.

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