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The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy ( English Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) ) is one of the twenty standing committees of the European Parliament . The committee chairman has been Adina Vălean ( PNL / EPP ) since July 2019 .

The committee is responsible for the industrial policy of the European Union and is particularly committed to promoting new technologies and small and medium-sized enterprises . He also deals with the research policy of the Union, in particular the research framework program and the activities of the Joint Research Center , the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements , the Joint European Torus , the ITER experimental reactor and other projects. The EU's space policy within the framework of the EU-ESA Agreement also falls under the remit of the Committee. It is also responsible for European energy policy , including the trans-European networks in the field of energy infrastructure. All Euratom issues are also dealt with by the ITRE Committee, as are the information society and information technology areas , including the trans-European telecommunications networks.

The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy is considered to be one of the most important committees in Parliament because of its broad scope and the fact that the European Parliament has full codecision powers in practically all areas of EU law-making . At the Council of the European Union and at the European Commission , the area is divided between several sub-bodies: In the Council, either the Competitiveness Council or the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council are responsible, while the Commission has four members, namely the Commissioner for business and industry , the Commissioner for Science and Research , the Commissioner for Energy and the Commissioner for Information Society and Media , who may be responsible depending on the subject area.

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