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Available light recording at the Unterländer Volksfest ( Heilbronn )

Available Light (dt. Available light , existing light ) means in the photograph or the film and television that (z. B. recording at dusk or in poorly lit indoor) for receiving, despite unfavorable lighting conditions only with the already well without Photo or film recordings available light sources at the recording location (the available light ) is worked. There is no need for additional lighting such as flashing lights or headlights . This type of photography "respects" the real light situation of a place.

Features and criteria

Evening reading in the open air ( Norbert Gstrein , original sounds )
Indoor shot with different sources of artificial light (an Irish pub in Hamburg-Harburg )

Available light recordings can arise from aesthetic or artistic decisions or they can be forced by circumstances, for example because additional lighting at the location would have a disruptive effect. A common field of application is concert photography . The available-light photography is particularly suited to play authentic to the light mood of a scene. The cinematic renunciation of artificial light sources for artistic reasons is z. B. Part of Dogma 95 Manifesto.

In contrast to night photography , available light photography is not limited to certain times of the day. Normally a tripod is not used; instead, highly sensitive films or digital cameras with a high ISO sensitivity and particularly bright lenses are used. When working with a "normal" equipment, the relatively long lead exposure times to having long exposures associated problems which place high demands on the photographer. The shake can be through supporting the camera to a avoid a "tripod" use goods and an image stabilization, motion blur - example of people - but can not avoid it. Additional challenges for the photographer or cameraman are a high contrast range of the subject as well as mixed light (for example from light sources of different color temperatures ).

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