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Ruprecht II and his wife Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon

Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon (* 1326 in Palermo ; † October 12, 1365 in Heidelberg ) was Princess of Sicily-Aragon and, by marriage, Countess Palatine near the Rhine .


Beatrix was one of the six daughters of King Peter II of Sicily (1305-1342) and his wife Elisabeth of Carinthia . Princess Beatrix's parents resided in Palermo, where she was probably born. Her great-aunt Isabel of Portugal (1271–1336), the sister of her paternal grandfather, is venerated as a saint.

In 1345 Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon married Count Palatine Ruprecht II of the Palatinate from the House of Wittelsbach .

Ruprecht II actively supported his uncle Elector Ruprecht I in the government of the Electoral Palatinate and was constantly on the move in this capacity. The mother of Elector Ruprecht II lived as a nun in the Liebenau monastery in Worms. His wife Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon stayed there quite often. The Dominican Johannes Meyer (1422–1482) reports that Countess Palatine Beatrix gave birth to her son Ruprecht in Liebenau and that he grew up there until he was 7 years old. Johann Friedrich Schannat also occupies the burial site of his son Adolf, who died as a child in 1358, in the Liebenau monastery; he must therefore have lived there too.

Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon died in 1365, before her husband succeeded his uncle Ruprecht I , who was elector when he died in 1390. She was buried in the Cistercian monastery at Schönau near Heidelberg . In the collegiate church (Neustadt an der Weinstrasse) founded as a memoria by the House of Wittelsbach, there is an eternal memory for Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon.

The aunt (sister of her father) of Count Palatine Beatrix, Margaret of Sicily-Aragon , had married Count Palatine Rudolf II of the Palatinate in 1348 , the uncle of her husband Ruprecht II.


Palatine Countess Beatrix of Sicily-Aragon and her husband Ruprecht II of the Palatinate had seven children:

  • Anna (1346–1415) ⚭ 1360 Duke Wilhelm II of Berg
  • Friedrich (1347-1395)
  • Johann (1349-1395)
  • Mechthild (1350–1378) ⚭ 1378 Count Sigost von Leuchtenberg
  • Elisabeth (1351–1401), engaged to the burgrave Albrecht of Nuremberg
  • Ruprecht (III.) (1352–1410) ⚭ 1374 Countess Elisabeth of Nuremberg (1358–1411)
  • Adolf (1355-1358)


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