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Peter II of Sicily (* 1305 ; † August 1342 in Calascibetta ) was King of Sicily from 1337 to 1342 . Peter was the eldest son of King Frederick II and Eleanor of Anjou , a daughter of King Charles II of Naples. He was crowned deputy of his father in 1312 and in 1321 in violation of the Peace of Caltabellotta and appointed co-regent of his father. Peter commanded the Sicilian fleet in 1328, which Ludwig supported Bavaria . After his father's death in 1337, he succeeded as King of Sicily. He was under the influence of his mother and his wife Elisabeth of Carinthia . His reign was marked by economic and foreign policy problems. Inside, the brothers Matteo and Damiani Palizzi, favorites of the queen, gained great influence until Peter’s brother Johann took over the reign in 1340 and forced her into exile. The investiture of Peters was by Pope Benedict XII. not acknowledged. The Angevin rulers of Naples managed to occupy Lipari (1339) and Milazzo (1342). After the surprising death of Peter II in 1342, he was followed by his underage son Ludwig , who was under the tutelage of Peter's brother Johann.


On April 23, 1323, Peter married Elisabeth of Carinthia , a daughter of Duke Otto III. of Carinthia . They had nine children.

  1. Konstanze (1324-1355) Regent of Sicily (1352-1354)
  2. Eleonore (1325–1375) ∞ King Peter IV of Aragón (1319–1387)
  3. Beatrix (1326–1365) ∞ Elector Ruprecht II of the Palatinate (1325–1398)
  4. Eufemia (1330-1359) Regent of Sicily (1355-1357)
  5. Violante (1334–?) (Died young)
  6. Ludwig (1337-1355) King of Sicily (1342-1355)
  7. Johann (1340-1353)
  8. Friedrich III. (1341–1377) King of Sicily (1355–1377)
  9. Blanka (1342– before 1373) ∞ Johann I. Count of Ampurias (1338–1398)


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