Betty's diagnosis

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Television series
Original title Betty's diagnosis
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 2015
Network Movie , film and television production GmbH & Co KG, ZDF Enterprises
length about 45 minutes
Episodes 113+ in 6+ seasons ( list )
genre Hospital series
production Wolfgang Cimera, Silke Pützer, Nina Güde, Robert Florin
First broadcast January 9, 2015 on ZDF

Betty's diagnosis is a German television series of the ZDF . This hospital series deals with the private and professional events around the nurse Bettina "Betty" Weiss, who has followed Bettina "Betty" Dewald in the lead role since the fourth season.

A reinterpretation of the song Help! Originally sung by the Beatles serves as the theme song . .

Filming for the seventh season began in April 2020. From September 18, 2020, the seventh season with 26 new episodes (114-139) will be broadcast on ZDF.


Nurse Bettina "Betty" Dewald is the head nurse on the admission ward at the Karlsklinik in Aachen . Together with her friend and colleague Lizzy Riedmüller and student nurse Talula Pfeifer, she looks after the patients in the ward and supports senior physician Dr. Behring, who moves to the Karlsklinik at the beginning of the series, and Tobias Lewandowski , the doctor in training (AiW). Due to her sometimes idiosyncratic methods, “Betty” Dewald often clashes with the nursing manager of the entire Mechthild Puhl clinic.

There is also a lot going on in Bettina Dewald's private life: after her boyfriend Tamás Liszt cheated on her after an argument with a one-night stand and is now the father of a child, the nurse separates from him.

In the final episode of the second season, Dr. Behring as acting chief physician, Dr. Helena von Arnstett was promoted to head of the admission ward and Tobias Lewandowski to the ward doctor. In the final scene, Dr. Behring shot by a patient, the viewer remains in the dark about whether he will ultimately survive or die.


The plot of the series takes place in Aachen. For the interior scenes of the fictional Karlsklinik , a floor in the Leverkusen Clinic was used in the first few seasons . The film is currently being shot on a converted floor in the Cologne-Longerich industrial area.


main actor

actor role Episodes Period Remarks
Eric Klotzsch Dr. Tobias Lewandowski 1- 2015– Ward doctor since episode 25, before that doctor in further training in the admission ward
son of Prof. Friedhelm Lewandowski, initially one-night stand, since episode 93 husband of Talula Lewandowski (née Pfeifer) who died in episode 95, son Emil
Sybille J. Schedwill Mechthild Puhl 1- 2015– Nursing manager of the Karlsklinik
Ex-wife of Joachim Puhl
Claudia Hiersche Dr. Helena von Arnstett 9– 2015– Neurosurgeon, Former ward physician in the admission ward of the Karlsklinik (episodes 9–76, 78–), acting chief physician (episodes 53–55)
sister of Prof. Dr. Alexander von Arnstett, ex-girlfriend of Dr. Marco Behring, Lukas Hilpert's affair
Florian Fitz Prof. Dr. Alexander von Arnstett 34– 2017– Chief Physician of the Karlsklinik
Brother of Dr. Helena von Arnstett; Ex-boyfriend of Dr. Christine Meinhardt
Annina Hellenthal Bettina "Betty" Weiss 38– 2017– Nurse, shift management of the admission
ward Best friend of Hanna Winter, friend of Dr. Frank Stern, still-wife of Oliver Weiss, mother of Yannick Weiss
Rona Özkan Ava Edemir 39– 2017– Nursing student in the admission ward, niece of Safi Edemir, daughter of Emre Edemir
Marie Zielcke Hanna Winter 45– 2017– Nurse of the admission
ward Best friend of Betty Weiss, ex-girlfriend of Dr. star
Max Alberti Dr. Frank Stern 49– 2017– Ward doctor and head of the admission ward
friend of Betty Weiss, ex-boyfriend of Hanna Winter
Ercan Durmaz Safi Edemir 7– 2015– up to episode 96 supporting actor, takeaway operator, uncle of Ava Edemir
Niklas Löffler Lukas Hilpert 104– 2020– Admission ward nurse

Affair of Dr. Helena von Arnstett

Occasional supporting cast

actor role Episodes Period Remarks
Markus Maria Profitable Ludwig Pfeifer 15, 42, 93, 96, 99, 101 2016-2019 Father of Talula Pfeifer, husband of Petra Pfeifer, grandfather of Emil
Franziska Traub Petra Pfeifer 15, 33, 93, 96, 99, 101 2016, 2017, 2019 Mother of Talula Pfeifer, wife of Ludwig Pfeifer, grandmother of Emil
Axel Pape Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Lewandowski 18, 36, 37, 41, 42, 93, 96 2016-2019 Father of Tobias Lewandowski, grandfather of Emil
Jürgen Hartmann Joachim Puhl 22-24 2016 Ex-husband of Mechthild Puhl
Alexander Koll Oliver Weiss 38-89, 94, 97-98 2017-2019 Paramedic
still husband of Betty Weiss and father of Yannick Weiss
Alvar Goetze Yannick Weiss 39-57, 72, 97-98 2017–2018, 2019 Son of Betty Weiss and Oliver Weiss, was on an exchange in Guatemala for 1 year
Charley Ann Schmutzler Leyla Schmidt 41, 52, 67 2017-2018 Friend of Ava Edemir
Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen Josephine heart 59, 60, 63, 66, 76-77, 79 2018-2019 Admirer of Tobias Lewandowski
Jonas Liedtke (from episode 93),
previously unnamed extra
Emil 40-, 96-97, 99, 101-102, 108, 110, 111 2017– Son of Dr. Tobias Lewandowski and the late Talula Lewandowski (née Pfeifer)
Adnan Maral Emre Edemir 85, 100, 106 2019– Father of Ava Edemir, husband of Bahar Edemir, brother of Safi Edemir

Former leading actors

actor role Episodes Period Remarks
Bettina Lamprecht Bettina "Betty" Dewald 1-37, 47-48 2015-2017 Nurse, former shift manager of the admission ward
daughter of Prof. Dr. Christian Wehmann and Wanda Dewald, first friend of Tamás Liszt, then of Jan Petersen, finally of Dr. Marco Behring
Theresa Underberg Lizzy Riedmüller 1-47 2015-2017 Former nurse, deputy shift manager of the admission
ward Ex-partner of Prof. Dr. Christian Wehmann
Maximilian Grill Dr. Marco Behring 1-48 2015-2017 Former provisional chief physician of the Karlsklinik (episodes 25–34), former ward physician and head of the admission ward
Father of a deceased daughter, initially a friend of Dr. Helena von Arnstett, most recently from Betty Dewald
Carolin Walter Talula Lewandowski (née Pfeifer) † 1-96 2015-2019 Since episode 35 a nurse, before that a student nurse in the admission ward
initially one-night-stand, since episode 93 the wife of Tobias Lewandowski, son Emil dies in episode 95 in a traffic accident

Former supporting actors

actor role Episodes Period Remarks
Patrick Kalupa Tamás Liszt 1-19 2015-2016 Ex-boyfriend of Bettina Dewald; One-Night-Stand by Karla Schultik; Father of Lilly
Marie Mayer Karla Schultik 1-3, 5 2015 One-Night-Stand by Tamás Liszt; Mother of Lilly
Teresa Harder Wanda Dewald 1-37 2015-2017 former owner of a nail salon,
mother of Bettina Dewald, ex-partner of Prof. Dr. Christian Wehmann, goes to Paris to study philosophy
Michael Abendroth Prof. Dr. Weirich 1-12 2015 Medical director of the Karlsklinik
Roland Koch Prof. Dr. Christian Wehmann 13-24 2016 Head physician at Karlsklinik, professor for cardiology and pulmonary medicine,
father of Betty Dewald, ex-partner of Wanda Dewald and Lizzy Riedmüller
Matthias Ziesing Jan Petersen 25-37 2017 former administrative director of the Karlsklinik,
ex-boyfriend of Betty Dewald
Maximilian Reichenbach Sascha Valentino 1-49 2015-2017 Admission ward nurse
Lore Richter Dr. Mira Köttner 26-53 2017-2018 Doctor in training. Former employee of the Karlsklinik.
Heiko Pinkowski Holger Thelen 30-45 2017 former nurse of the admission ward
Monika Lennartz Use Stern 52, 56, 69-70, 80, 89, 105 2018-2020 Grandmother of Dr. Frank Stern, dies in the course of episode 105
Doris Schretzmayer Dr. Christine Meinhardt 89-104 2019-2020 Ward
doctor in the admission ward Ex-girlfriend of Prof. Dr. Alexander von Arnstett

Episode list

The individual episodes are first published in the ZDF media library on the Internet one week before they are first broadcast on television.

Season Number of episodes Episode number First broadcast
Season premiere Season finale
1 12 1-12 January 9, 2015 April 10, 2015
2 12 13-24 January 8, 2016 April 22, 2016
3 13 25-37 January 6, 2017 April 7, 2017
4th 26th 38-63 29th September 2017 April 13, 2018
5 25th 64-88 October 12, 2018 5th April 2019
6th 25th 89-113 September 27, 2019 April 3, 2020
7th 26th 114-139 September 18, 2020 -



Gϊti Hatef-Rossa from praised the basic concept of the show, but also noted that the series didn't offer much that was new.

“A resolute and competent sister fights for the patients and against the hospital apparatus and gods-in-white arrogance. After the innovative approaches for series of this genre, main characters with a migration history and handicap, are already in the ZDF's program, a series has now been added in which the conflicts of the sympathetic title heroine, cleverly played by Bettina Lamprecht, about professional power and gender -Fights rotate. With a wink, of course. That offers little new, but is a series suitable for evening before in a dramedy-typical setting. "

- Gϊti Hatef-Rossa

In his review "Sometimes you better slip on the banana peel", Frederic Servatius drew a consistently negative conclusion to the series and said that Bettina Lamprecht [...] [wasting] her talent with the "ZDF evening series 'Bettys Diagnose' [...] ".

“The series offers neither innovation nor particularly good entertainment. The viewer is only moved to smile or think in a few moments - in the opening episode mainly in the minutes when Hugo Egon Balder gets his screen time. [...] If a hospital series has little emotion and no humor, then something is missing. To make a comparison with the big US-American representatives of the genre: “Betty's Diagnosis” has little of “Grey's Anatomy” and nothing of “Scrubs”. If the series had its own identity, this shortcoming would not only be tolerable, the production might even be great. But it doesn't. "

- Frederic Servatius

Audience ratings

The first broadcast of the first episodes was watched by 4.73 million viewers (market share: 15.8%). When the second episode was broadcast, the audience rating fell to 4.06 million, with a slightly lower market share of 14.9%.

As a result, the ratings continued to drop: for the third episode, the ratings fell below 4 million viewers; in the fourth episode, 3.66 million viewers were measured, which corresponds to a market share of 13.3%.

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