St. Gallen district

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St. Gallen district
Country: Switzerland
Canton : St. Gallen
Region ISO : CH-SG
FSO number : 1708
Map of the former district of St. Gallen
Map of the municipalities of the St. Gallen district 2002.png
The former districts of the canton of St. Gallen
Map of the canton of St.Gallen districts 2002.png

The St Gall was from 1918 to the end of 2002 an administrative unit of the Canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland .

This district emerged from a merger between the city ​​of St. Gallen , which existed between 1803 and 1918, and the Tablat district, which existed between 1831 and 1918, and the integration of the former municipality of Straubenzell , which was integrated into the city of St. Gallen and previously belonged to the Gossau district . The St. Gallen district has been part of the St. Gallen constituency since 2003 .

The Federal Statistical Office ran the district under FSO no. 1708.

The communities of the former St. Gallen district

coat of arms Name of the parish Area
in km²
Häggenschwil Häggenschwil 9.10
Muolen Muolen 10.30
St. Gallen St. Gallen 39.41
Wittenbach Wittenbach 12.22
Total (4) 71.03

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