Tauragė district

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District Tauragės apskritis
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the coat of arms of Tauragė district
Basic data
ISO 3166-2 LT-TA
surface 4411 km²
Capital Tauragė
Biggest cities
- population density
- year-on-year comparison
129,978 (rank 10 / LT)
29.5 inhabitants / km²
131,481 (−1.1%)
Current population figures from 1.1.2006
governor Irena Ričkuvienė
structure 4 self-governments (savivaldybė)
Web presence www.taurage.aps.lt

The Tauragė district (German Tauroggen district ) was one of the ten administrative districts that formed the top tier of the administrative division of Lithuania from 1994 onwards . Since 2010, the district has only been a territorial unit without administrative tasks.

Administrative division

The Tauragė district comprised four self-governing communities , including three Rajong communities and one (genuine) community. (Resident on January 1, 2006)


coat of arms

Description: The red coat of arms is bordered in blue with ten golden double crosses and shows an upright, silver- armored and silver- tongued golden lynx holding up a silver sword in the left paw and a silver shield with a red horn in the other .

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